Digitalization of E-education and its Characteristics 

Timeless Time

E-Education relates to the characteristic of time-less time because information has taken shape as a network knowledge, and we can process information synchronously and asynchronously. In our class, I am able to process the information asynchronously by looking at the lecture slides online

Death of Distance

E-Education, and the spread of information has come a long way since the 1850's, when the first transatlantic cable was the revolutionary means of communication at a rate of 1 word per 10 minutes.

 For years now, knowledge is retrieved electronically at light speed, which makes it possible for people to benefit from various forms of online education at any location on the globe, regardless of distance to the original center of information.


Before digitalization the standard learning process consisted of somebody educated sharing their knowledge with a small group. E-education allows for poly-directionality because now educators can post their ideas/ lessons online(youtube for example) and receive feedback, not only their students but also peers and fellow professionals. The rate at which ideas spread and are improved upon will for every be increasing. As more people go online access the web, the more information is available to the rest of the users as well which benefits us all further. This feature is considered to be a positive network externality. 

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale refers to the idea that as you produce more of a specific good, each additional good produced becomes cheaper as total quantity produced increases. This happens because all the infrastructure must be built for the first unit to start working but once that huge investment is made then replicating the product comes at almost no cost. In the E-education sector the infrastructure is all of the new technologies which allow us to access information as long as we have access to internet. For example to build a car you need to build an entire factory but to build your second car all you need is a bit more time to build it.

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