"Take some time to invest in relationships, the return is unpredictable but always underestimated."

Cold email

[ 1 hour crash course ]

Create a predictable and scalable sales funnel

Cold Email

1: Open

2: Read

3: Respond

4: Follow-up

Step 1: Open your email (subject)

* Subject lines are key; focus 80% on them, 20% on content

* Write like a human (no caps, no marketing speak)

* Be personal & brief (use names, test questions?)

* Raise curiosity

* Deliver what you promise

Step 2: Read your email (content)

* Be personal & brief (no longer than 2 paragraphs)

* Structure:

1) Who is this?

2) Why should I keep reading?

3) What is the value for me?

4) Is this credible?

5) What are the next steps?

Step 3: Respond to your email (call to action)

* Every email needs a strong call to action

* Make it creal that you're talking to me

* Eliminate decisions / complexity / choice

* Click this link or/and hit reply and answer my request/question

Step 4: Follow up

* What's your follow up strategy? (before sending the 1st email)

* Personal: binary - Yes/No. I follow up till I get a result

* Automated: 4-6 follow ups

* Tool: Prospect.io, Streak.com, Followup.cc, Mixmax

How to get almost anyone's email address

* LinkedIn (for in depth profile info)

* Prospect.io, LeadIQ.io, Email Hunter, LeadFuze

* Rapportive (test email syntax variations)

Cold Email 2.0 (Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross)

* 1-2 levels above your decision maker

* Very brief

* Ask for referral down in the org

* 10-30% success rate

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LinkedIn workshop + Cold Email

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