History About Ariana Grande 

How did Ariana Grande become famous?

By: Yzsabella Raville 

When Ariana Grande Started

Ariana Grande took acting and singing at a young age. She started her way to local theater scenes, this was before she was even a teenager. When Grande was 15, she landed the role of Charlotte in the Broadway production. With the early role leading to the accolades, Ariana won the National Youth Theater Association Award. Grande took a role for a TV show on Nickelodeon series Victorious.       

Acting in TV Shows

When Ariana was acting in Victorious the set was at a performing arts high school. She plays the character Cat Valentine. When the show went off online in 2012, she had a good fortune of having Cat Valentine survive. Nick made a new TV show Sam & Cat. Then a rumor started that Ariana wasn't enjoying the show, so after 35 episodes it came to an end.

Ariana's Musical Career

While Grande was acting in Victorious, she started her singing career. In 2011, Ariana released her single "Put Your Hearts Up." She was voted for the favorite TV show Victorious at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards. Ariana's first album was "The Way." In 2014, "My Everything" album was released, the album sold 169,000 copies all in the first week. 


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