It takes 29.4 earth years for saturn to orbit the sun 

It takes about 95.16 earths to fit into saturn

It takes saturn 10.656 hours to rotate once on its axis

Saturn can get up to 288 degrees fahrenheit, and it can get to minus 178 degrees fahrenheit

Saturn has 62 moons 9 of the mooms are waiting to be named

This is the best image through a hubble telescope

And this is the best image of saturn from a earths based telescope

I like this planet because it has a lot of moons and the fact the it has alot of severe weather  on the planet

Only 4 spacecrafts sent from earth have visited saturn. The first one was the pioneer 11

Pioneer was the first spacecraft to visit Saturn 04/06/1973

Voyager was the second one to pass saturn on spetmber 1977

Voyager 2 is the third one to vist saturn on August 20 1977

Cassini is the fourth spacecraft to visit Saturn on July 2004

the thing that I found that is a cool fact is that there has been a lot of weather. NASA has found out that there was a hurricane

Titan is a moon with complex and dense nitrogen-rich atmosphere

Saturn has the most extensive rings in the solar system

Saturn’s upper atmosphere is divided into bands of clouds.

I got my information from bing images

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