There are 11 players on a team including the defender the goalie the midfielders and the forwards. 

the first half is generally 35 minutes long and half time is 7 minutes long. The second half is another 35 minutes. In all a game of Field Hockey lasts about 77 minutes

There are 3 ways to score in Field Hockey: A Field Goal, A Penalty Corner

The field of play for Field Hockey are 100yds by 60yds 

The basic tactics for Field Hockey are 

Aggressive well timed leads

Support the ball carrier 

The equipment used for Field Hockey are 

cleats shinguard or whatever is comfortable

you also need field hockey sticks and goals

you will need a field and goalie 

The leagues that exist for the sport are 

Youth leagues for children in Middle school and high school 

There are also leagues for adults who are out of high school

there are 2 divisions division one geared toward freshman and division two geared toward freshmen

they add helmets to Field Hockey in 1970 which could be dangerous 

in the 1800 and 1900s they added shoulder and knee pads

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