What is EASE ? 

V1 :

V2 : 

V3 : 


  • SSO
  • pre-filed profiles for students
  • limited number of apps (edu only)
  • Log in automatique
  • Add On that opens the website
  • Sleep button for EASE.space
    • log out of EASE.space
    • freez the tabs of websites that are managed by EASE.space
  • 1 profile only per user
    • show icons
    • Show button to show data of a user for this profile
    • change profile name and color
  • subscribe for the first time
  • Switch accounts easily (after sleep mode)
  • Go from EASE.space to the landing page
  • Go from landing page to EASE.space


  • Robot checkers for updating the login id
  • Being able to load a user's data in
    • add an account.

  • make a special API for some websites in order to check well if they change. 
  • Back office for EASE members to...
    • add a new website
    • add a new profile of university
    • being able to create a profile 
    • Add a user to an authorised profile.


  • Supprimer un icon/profile
  • Auto connection depuis l'URL du browser.
  • Ajouter un profile
  • plugger de nouveaux site en interne
  • Scrap browser to get old accounts.


  • Un user peut ajouter un site directement
    • depuis la plateforme
    • depuis l'addon
  • Spam management
    • par profile
    • par site
  • Lire une application
    • sur EASE.

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