Elements Project 

BY: Wyatt C.

Cobalt is a transition metals.

Cobalts Atomic number is 27 

Countryies that found the elements I    I     I     I

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Cobalts atomic Weight is 


What is Cobalt used in that we use?

Cobalt is used in some paints and it is even a color of paint. "Cobalt Blue"

Cobalt is used in many Alloys including Stainless steel. This is because it is a metal that it can be uses for this.

Your body needs Cobalt to Survive. You need to eat Cobalt on a regular basis to stay alive


Fun Facts about Cobalt

Cobalt is a Silvery Blue color.

And is uses in many metals

Cobalt can be used for Cancer treatment. This is because the Ratio active iceatope can Target Cancer tumors.

Cobalt is the main material found in Meteors. This is cool because I did not know metal was in Meteors. 

Questions to Ask the Class

Name some ways that you would use Cobalt?


What Can Cobalt metal be used for?

Alloys,Stainless steel

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Cobalt Element project

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