The Good, The Bad and The Atrocious

Rome's Evil and Heroic Emperors


Everybody is always interested in the WHO question more than any other. For that reason I have decided to feed that curiosity and provide an entire lecture on the most influential emperors of Ancient Rome.

This includes both good and bad emperors

On some instances I believe you will consider emperors atrocious sociopaths. This is accurate and with your Christian morality in place, I understand your feeling toward them. Nonetheless, these men did exist, and they did do these horrific things.

This stands a testament to how far we have come, and how far Christianity has come since ancient Rome.

This list will not include every emperor, and will not include those Emperors after the split of Rome, as those are technically different empires, and will be covered later.

After Augustus

We discussed in the last lecture that emperorship caused wars to be waged among worthy candidates, and these disputes didn’t settle until decades after Augustus's death in AD 14.

Tiberius (14BC -37AD)

The immediate emperor after Augustus was the well-to-do young Tiberius, son of Octavian.

Tiberius was groomed by Octavian in his youth, as his mother became one of the favored wives of Augustus.

Tiberius was not the first choice for heir, as two other sons of Augustus were killed in military service. In consequence, Tiberius was seen by much of the senate as a second-rate heir, but installed as Emperor nonetheless.

He was different from the rest, he did not promote violence or control by force. He disliked the gladiatorial games, and he was an intelligent leader. 

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