Sports Enterprise 10/18

Writing Exercise Part II

From last time:

  • Think about a moment where you saw someone doing something athletic, probably in the past week or so. Write down every detail you remember about that moment. Should be coherent, but not a well-organized story.
  • Share it with me as GDoc or Dropbox Paper.

For today: 

  • Go to the section I highlighted and expand it. 
  • Go deep on making me see, hear, feel, taste, smell what was going on.

The Things that Carried Him

What does a writing plan look like?


  • Share with me even if you're not done
  • Use the spreadsheet to make a list of findings
  • Develop questions to test your findings in the real world

For Thursday

  • Clark, Part III
  • Find a story from the Don van Natta list or elsewhere. Find an example of the advice offered by Clark and write a short blog post explaining in Module 7 with the tag “structure advice” by Oct. 19.

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Enterprise 10/18

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