The Russian Revolution


  • Created by Karl Marx.
  • The point of communism was so everyone was equal. Everyone pulled their own weight and only got what they needed. The world would be united.
  • No poor, or rich. Peasants/serfs/regular citizens loved this. Rich hated this.
  • Only really works in small societies/groups. In big societies/groups, one or a few people become greedy with power. Basically people suck.


  • Vladimir lenin was a leading politic and a revolutionary, he was also the head of the USSR
  • Lenin was born into a rich family, excelled at school and was a GREAT PLANNER
  • Lenin had a great part in making communism a reality in Russia
  • He was jailed and kicked out of Russia many times for his abstract ideas
  • His brother was a revolutionary but was executed for his crimes
  • He was the mastermind behind the Communist Revolution.

Nicholas ll and his Family

  • Was the last absolute king of Russia and Europe due to the “French Plague”.
  • His family ruled Russia for 300 yrs.
  • He didn't like ruling.
  • Was called Bloody Nicholas because of Bloody Sunday.
  • Was isolated from what was really going on in Russia.
  • Fought in World War l and pulled out early.
  • His wife Alexandra listened to Rasputin “who was a bad influence.”
  • Was executed with his family in 1918 by a firing squad. Then buried in the woods with acid so no one could find them.
  • Very similar to the French Revolution.


  • Joseph Stalin used marxism for power.
  • He wormed his way into power.
  • He was not a good planner, this caused russia to go into a spiral of misfortune.
  • Stalin was responsible for the Great purge.
  • He was very SNEAKY.
  • He only wanted power and did not care for Communism.


  • Was a son poor farmer.
  • Was a great LEADER/SPEAKER
  • Found Marxism through education.
  • Him and Lenin were the dream team for communism.
  • Was assassinated by Stalin after he was exiled.

The Great Purge

  • Stalin caused over 20 million deaths also known as “THE GREAT PURGE”
  • If you disagreed with Stalin's decision then you and your whole family were killed
  • This took place in the 1930’s
  • If you were even accused of being unloyal to Stalin you were prosecuted
  • This was a result of Stalin's poor planning skills   

The only real power comes out of a long rifle.

You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.

1905 Revolution/Bloody Sunday

  • Workers were peacefully rioting for more freedom/rights.

  • Guards opened fire killing innocent citizens.
  • Citizens lost faith in their tsar.
  • Became known as BLOODY SUNDAY and Nicholas ll became known as BLOODY NICHOLAS. 

February and October Revolution

  • February Revolution was a protest to pull out of world war one
  • The February Revolution started on 3-8-1917
  • Gave Duma more power.
  • Peaceful protests

  • October Revolution removes Duma
  • The October Revolution turns the country communist
  • Russia stops fighting world war two
  • Lenin takes power


  • The Duma was a council of selected citizens to give the people a voice in ruling their country.
  • It was like the General Estates meeting during the Russian revolution, They didn't get listened to like the 3rd estate.
  • When the people forced the tsar to listen , the Duma made terrible decisions and were greedy with power.
  • In all the Duma was never successful and was removed from power. 


  • Rasputin was a holy man
  • Rasputin was strange
  • Rasputin has many legends surrounding him
  • Rasputin was sought out by the queen to heal her son
  • Rasputin gained power when Nicholas ll was away during WW 1
  • Rasputin was poisoned with cyanide, shot three times (once in the head), and then they threw him in a frozen river. When the autopsy was done he had water in the lungs. 

A Communist Country

  • The life under Stalin’s rule was controlled.
  • Stalin controlled any type of media to only say good things about communism and bad things about capitalism.
  • A good thing was everyone got education, women had more rights, and everyone was “equal”
  • But life was harder. Religion was gone, women were over worked and there was still social classes.
  • If you disagreed with Stalin, you, your family, and your friends of your family were killed to nth degree.
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