Kate Chopin 

The Awakening 

Currently on the market right now is this very appealing book with everything to appeal to anyone who likes the southern Gothic genre. the book has many appeals to it to anyone who loves, dramatic twists in stories, or romance, drama, suspense, this is the book you need for your library.

In the book we follow the story of a young woman who isn't really content with her marriage and her life. Everything seems dull to her and normal she feels as if life has no happiness for her, but when her husband leaves her for a business trip in mexico it seems as if this is her chance to find happiness in her life.

we get to see how her friends push her to do new things and expand her views, yet try to keep them within a social norm  so she wont be an outsider. In this book you see a woman's rebellion to her man, and you see how she is more passionate about other things and a new lover.

"Willing to tempt faith in her place." Rebellion is a thing we all have, to some it goes farther than others but the main characters rebellion goes farther out of what we can do. 

How this book just seems to tug on the heart strings and make you feel whatever she does you have to go along with, because every choice she makes you know will be the wrong one. this woman is a mother and with the choices she makes keeps you thinking how will this hurt her children? or how will this hurt her. The pain she causes others.

In the book we see how the woman begins to open up to fine arts and tries to make a living off the money she makes from that and the money from her life before her husband leaves her.    

the book will have you sad, depressed, and wondering at the end of it, what happened is she ok? what about?  and while wondering about these things figure out the deeper insight to the book. The political side is about how woman were oppressed and not allowed to do anything they wished without there husbands permission. 

Why you should buy it.The book has so much of every aspect of southern Gothic literature to the point where if you need a book in the library to fill up for the southern Gothic literature you will just need this book. It has the social side of the world at the time with woman being oppressed, it has racist remarks about people of color, the main character mental issues and problems, all things that all good southern Gothic literature needs.

The book itself is also pretty cheap and easy to buy, and defiantly worth the read. 

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