Pinterest and the Characteristics of Digitalization


Pinterest is a growing social media platform that has changed the way consumers shop and save the items they love. With over 70 million monthly active users, and over 50 billion pins, Pinterest is continuously growing and expanding its' online presence.

Digital Footprint 

Like most social media platforms, it is extremely easy to build up a digital footprint and almost impossible to delete it. Once you pin a certain item, you can expect to see similar things on your specific Pinterest homepage, as well as advertisements outside of the website. In addition to the e-commerce side, your Pinterest board gives insight to your personality and interests with anyone online. 

Timeless Time

Timeless time is defined that digital networks allow us to negate sequences by processing information in a synchronous or asynchronous manner. Pinterest has this characteristic by allowing users to like, comment, send, and pin content at any time. You can see a specific item that someone just uploaded, or you can see it later on by searching for specific keywords or hashtags. Items that are put onto Pinterest's Popular page range from brand new pins or pins that are multiple years old. 


This characteristic states that there are 4 different ways to network with individuals. Pinterest has specific features to allow its users to communicate in this way. These features include sending pins, collaborating on boards, and creating secret boards creates polydirectionality. 

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