Human (& Creative) Input

Digital transformation

 use case Output

SoyHuCe assist SMB & Large accounts

  • BtoBtoC
  • BtoBtoMe (EDF - Dalkia)
  • GtoBtoCityzen (Caen La Mer)

Who needs to transform to avoid disintermediation

We are a Tech Studio

(R&D Lab, Digital Agency & ISV)

Dream Team

iStorypath powered by IBM Bluemix

Powered by IBM Watson

EVEA GROUP and SoyHuCe App project

Objective of this mobile app is to make the Tradeshow User Experience memorable

EVEA GROUP and SoyHuCe App project

Before the tradeshow

Identify the ones who make the difference!

  • Find the exhibitors, Select my partners Filtered by theme
  • Follow the latest news
  • Highlight roundtable, keynotes based upon twitter traffic

Plan your agenda

  • Consult the events
  • Add favourites / Enroll
  • Synchronize your own agenda (mobile app)

Faciliter la génération de business

  • Facilitate meeting with exhibitor (Watson)
  • Organize appointment on booth
  • Electronic business card exchange fast and easy

During the tradeshow

Follow the Guide

  • Geolocalization optimized visit
  • Geolocalized notification based on your interests and event planned
  • Data Analytics with Presence Insight

Without loosing control!

* Gérer l'accès pour les personnes inscrites aux évènement à l'aide d'un tracker (NFC, QrCode, Beacons, ...)

* Limiter le nombre de personnes dans un évènement sur la base d'une comptabilisation (NFC, QrCode, Beacons, ...) 

On the practical side ...

Powered by Watson :

  • Catering
  • Smartphone charger
  • Wifi spot

After the tradeshow

Innovating, Gaming, Facilitating

  • Extra content post event, trial, demos, feedback
  • Share with Linkedin contacts
  • Share statistics to grow potential opportunities

EVEA Group and SoyHuCe App project

For visitior

  • A memorable experience
  • An after made possible

For exhibitor

  • Easy ROI measurment

EVEA Group and SoyHuCe App project

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