hi my name is Jason Cozma and this is a bunkr web channel to learn about natural smugglers.To find more go to google or chrome.

the word "smuggeling" means to steal or kill.

in this case it is to steal.

most gold smuggeling happens in india

gold smuggeling is when people take gold and hide it too bring it too another place or country.

india is a richie rich

the only reason gold smuggling in india is large is because india has the most gold or used too ... .... .... .... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

india a poor poor country.

The british crown of jewels has the kohinoor diamond on it that was stolen from punjab. The queen wears it on her head. 

Now India is a 3rd world country because all the wealth was looted by the British, it is proven.

They have destroyed our culture, treated us like 2nd class citizens, and didn't give us freedom in our own country.

India is poor because the brits came. Why did all Europeans come to India in the first place? Because of all the wealth. India was such a rich country.

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Public - 6/16/16, 2:50 PM