If the winner wins at the end of the round they get 10 points and the loser get 9 points at the end.

Boxing is with two people fighting till the opponent is taps out or is knock out.

A boxing match last up to 12 rounds each is 3 min each.

Grenada Map


The equipment that is used is hand wrap, shoes, shorts, boxing gloves, sometimes use head protection.

The demotions of a boxing ring is 20'',22'',24''. In almost a square shape.

There are a lot of leagues but the big ones are professional, Olympics, and even little kids leagues.  

When the referee breaks them from a clinch, you have to take a full step back you cannot immediately hit your opponent--that's called "hitting on the break" and its  illegal.

You cannot punch with an open glove, the inside of the glove.

One of the main tactics of boxing is the foot work because speed is key so you can get the player tired faster wile you are still full of energy.

the sport boxing changed over time is that back when it started the did not use gloves and know they to so they don't heart anyone and themselves. It also did not have rings like we do know they had a circle in the dirt.  

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