How the media and communication has influenced the representation of black people in film?


Jim Crow

Using African American dialect, music and dances he used the character Crow to attempt to negatively imitate black culture. 


A time actual black actors were being employed. This came as a result of directors wanting to give a more realistic portrayal of black people. This however was backfired as the roles of black actors were often determined by white directors with guttered mentalities.

The mammy

Uncle Tom

The jazebel

Oscar Micheaux


-Created his own Film and Book company

-The Homesteader

The Civil Rights Movement

-Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were a few activists who did peaceful protests for change in legal equality.

-The Voting Rights Act 1965

-The Civil Rights Act 1968


Spike Lee

 He challenged the narrow-minded misconceptions of black culture and became well known for taking a critical look at race relations and he has been nominated for an academy award for best original screenplay in She Gotta Have It (1986).   

-Do The Right Thing (1989)

-Summer of Sam

-4 Little Girls

-Mo Better Blues

21st Century

Lupita Nyong'o

Steve McQueen 

and John Ridley

Viola Davis

“You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there,” 


"I found out that although there has been a lot of progress towards representing black people and their presence in the industry in the right way ,there is still a lot of room for improvement."

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