WW2 Investigations

By:Wyatt C.

After affects of WW1

Treaty of Versailles

When the war ended their were 8.5million deaths and 20 million injured

The treaty of Versailles says that Germany was not allowed to have a strong army. Germany did not listen to this and built a large army and all the other nations thought is would be best to just leave Hitler un provoked .

Who were the Big 3?

What were the four areas of the treaty?

The “Big Three” were David Lloyd George of Britain, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson of America.

1) no more secret treaties

 2)countries must seek to reduce their weapons and their armed forces 

3) national self-determination should allow people of the same nationality to govern themselves and one nationality should not have the power to govern another 

4) all countries should belong to the League of Nations.

When did Adolph Hitler Become the Leader of the Nazi Party?

What does Mein Kampf mean?

Hitler Became the Leader on July 29th, 1921

The book was about Hitlers struggles in life or his battles. Mein Kampf means (My Struggles) or (My Battles)

 What is an Aryan, according to Hitler? 

Look at the bottom of the article, when did this book become hugely popular? To answer this, you have to read the article, then go back to the timeline to find out when Hitler became Chancellor.

An Aryan is a person with Blond hair and Blue Eyes. This is because Hitler says that if you are like this you are superior and better in every way.

Hitlers Book became popular when he Became The leader of Germany. Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933

When did the Nazi's hold their first book burning?

What authors were burned in the book burning?

The Nazi's held their first book on May 30th, 1933.

Some author that were burned were Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, and H.G.

What happened on Dec. 8th 1944?

What happened on Dec. 11th 1944?

The U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan. This is because The Japanese Bombed the U.S. Pearl Harbor

Germany Declares war on the U.S. Germany did this because The U.S. declared war on their ally Japan

What country had the most deaths in WW2

How many countries were involved in WW2

USSR or Russia had 20.6million deaths.

Their were 25 different countries in WW2.


Why do you think there wereJapanese internment camps during WW2?

What is Korematsu v. United States (1944) and why is it important?

I Think the U.S. Put the Japanese in camps because they were at war with their country and they did not want them to fight back.

Fred Korematsu refused to obey the wartime order to leave his home and report to a relocation camp for Japanese Americans. He was arrested and convicted. After losing in the Court of Appeals, he appealed to the United States Supreme Court, challenging the constitutionality of the deportation order. 

What strikes you or speaks to you the most about the book burnings? Write a paragraph about your thoughts and feelings.

All those books and stories are being burned for no good reason. Why did all those people believe that they should burn the books because they are not german. Why would all those people listen to one man who gave them hope. If they did not burn those book they would know a lot more and enjoy more books.



Both of these site were very important areas because this is were WW2 ended. 

It ended because the U.S. Dropped 2 atomic bombs on these site to end the war.

Who came up with the idea to use Navajo? Why?

 Why were the code talkers heroes? 

Early in 1942, Johnston met with Major General Clayton B. Vogel, the commanding general of Amphibious Corps, Pacific Fleet, and his staff to convince them of the Navajo language's value as code. Johnson new that native launges had been used in WW1 so why not WW2 with a new Native launge.

They were hero's because they were able to transmit a message that only the code talkers could desifer.

8. People fell into many categories when you think about World War II and the Holocaust.

Who were:

The victims?

The perpetrators?

The bystanders?

The resistors?

The rescuers?

The liberators?

The survivors?

The children?

The victims were the Soldiers and of course many Jewish people. The perpetrators were Germany and in a way the U.S. Germany for kills any Jews and The U.S. For dropping the 2 atomic bombs on Japan. The Bystanders I believe were Big places Like Australia, Canada, Greenland, and South America. I think this because they were not in the war. The Resistors Were many fighters like Jews that were rebelling and others that did not like what Germany was doing. The Rescuers were Groups that lived in Germany and surrounding areas that would help the Jews and others escape the camps. The Liberators were German Government who put the Jews in camps to die for punishment. The Survivors were Jews that made it out of the Camps and stayed alive. Last who were the Children The childeren we kids who did not really know what was going on but they were killed if they go in the way.

Diary Entrees

When Hitler was appointed me and my family were sent to camps. Nobody knew what was going on and we did not find out untill they starved us to death and make us their slaves.

When WW2 started we did not know if it would come to our country so we stayed prepared for one to start. Lucky for use it never came to our land so we were just bystanders in WW2.

 What was D-Day? Why was it called D-Day 

D-Day was the Day that The allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6th 1944. This event was called D-Day because that is the General name that the Military would call operations and the name D-Day just stuck with this event.

Iwo Jima/ Okinawa Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Were the 2 cities in Japan that were bombed to end the war. The  Atomic bombs were Fat man and Little boy. 

How did racism and intolerance contributed to World War II? 

The Germans Were a big part of the Racism. For example they were very discriminative of Jews. This cause a big part of WW2. Hitler could not deal with not having power so he for no reason said the reason they were getting no were was because of Jews.

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