I - Structure of World Automobile Industry

II - 2026 Automobile Industry



  • More regulation about Polution
  • Public Transportation promotion

Economic :

  • Scale Economy
  • Sharing economic developement
  • Growing of Developing countries demand (BRIC)

Social :

  • Change Consumer behavior
  • Desire to serve the domestic market (China)


  • Innovation by big corporation ( Google/Apple)
  • More and more equipments in cars
  • Thought more about alternative energy
  • Collect information to understand the customer needs/Habits

Environemental :

  • Large decrease of Oil Price's since 2009
  • Tax carbone reglementation

Porter's Five Forces Automobile Industry

Power of buyers

  • Bargaining power is low
  • People prefer having their own car

Threats of new entry

  • Quite Low
  • Need lots of money for research
  • Have to done economies of scale

    Power of Suppliers

    • High power
    • High spending in RD

    Threats of substitution

    • Middle level
    • Car sharing ( BlaBlacar, Wetruck)
    • Quality Increase of Public Transportation

    SWOT Analysis


    • Evolving industry
    • Continuous product innovation & technological advancement
    • Growth shifting to Asian markets
    • Increase in demand of luxury commercial vehicles
    • Manufacturing facilities in Asian nations to control cost


    • Introducing fuel-efficient vehicles
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Changing lifestyle & customer groups
    • Market expansion


    • Cars recalled
    • Bargaining power of consumers
    • Growth rate of Automobile industry


    • Intense Competition
    • Volatility in the fuel Prices
    • Sluggish Economy
    • High fixed cost and investment in R & D

    What's driving changes

    • Competition¬† (Chinese market improvment )

    • Digital ( Creation of new services and innovation : Apple/Google)

    • Regulation ( What's expected from the vehicules)

    • Increasing availability of Data and information ( Usage and driver behavior )

    Key Sucess Factors

    2016 :

    • Outsourcing

    • Massive production

    • Low cost Cars

    • Mergers increase between Big firm

    2026 :

    • More and more Technology improvment (Intelligente vehicule, autodriving)

    • Eco - friendly responsible

    • New way of transport : Electric Cars, Hyperloop tube train

    • Higher customer expectations

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