Presentation about me

Hello everybody, I'm Tom and my presentation is about me!


1. Introduction

2. Name, age, birthday

3. Family & pets

4. Hobbies

5. School

6. Look

7. My favorites

8. The end


My teacher has given me the exercise to make a presentation about me. The purpose of my presentation is to make you more informed about me.

Name, age, birthday

- full name
- 13 years old
- The date of my birth

Family & Pets

- Parents

- Brothers

- Cats & Rabbit


- Sport

- Social Media

- Listen to Music

- Chilling with my friends


- Name of my school

- Favourite subject

- Teachers


- Eyes

- Hair

- Heigt & weight

- Favourite garment

- Shoesize

My Favourites

- Movie

- Tv program

- Website

- Food

The end

Have you got any questions?

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Presentation about myself

by tomhovers


Public - 5/11/16, 5:17 PM