Assertiveness & Communication

Quiz Time!


1. To develop an awareness of assertiveness and your own working level. 

2. To evaluate effective practices for positive engagement. 

Assertiveness - Take Charge In Your Role


Speech & Gesture - Keeping People Engaged


Conflict Resolution


  • Identify five common causes of conflict.

  • Establish steps to be taken in order to resolve conflict.

  • Employ principles of effective communication and conflict resolution in a meeting situation.

Causes of conflict

  1. Faulty communication

  2. Attribution errors

  3. Mistrust

  4. Grudges

  5. Personality clashes

The Ugli Oranges

Read through your roles, then meet with the representative from the other firm to decide a course of action.

After up to 10 minutes, select a spokesperson to tell me:

  1. What do you plan to do?
  2. If you want the oranges, what price will you offer?
  3. To whom and how will the oranges be delivered?

Is conflict always bad?

Conflict is a sign that people are involved and excited about their work.

They are showing a passionate commitment to the task at hand.

Steps in resolving conflict

  1. On the wall are the words ‘Conflict’ and ‘Resolution’, but they are currently a fair distance apart.
  2. As a group, idea storm the steps that are necessary to get from ‘Conflict’ to ‘Resolution’.
  3. Write each step on an A4 sheet and stick them on the wall.

Tips for resolving conflict

1. Deal with conflict as soon as it arises.

2. Confront the issue as a problem to be solved.

3. Do not engage in blaming or character assassination.

4. Be open-minded and fair.

5. Insist on criticism being appropriate and constructive.

Chairing a meeting

What makes a good meeting?

  • All business is discussed.
  • Everyone's views are heard.
  • Clear decisions are reached.
  • the meeting starts and ends on time.

What makes a good chair?

  • Thinking about the meeting overall, not just the topic under discussion.
  • Striking the balance between hearing everyone's views and getting through the business.
  • Never using the position as an opportunity to dominate the meeting.

The Meeting

Facilitate a meeting to discuss the topic in the scenario.

The character slips outline your motivation and attitude for the meeting.

The chair is responsible for ensuring the meeting runs smoothly.

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