SaaS Ambassador 

is a smart service to personally recommend the best Saas business apps to your business contacts in instant.

Earn attractive recurring commissions when they subscribe.

SaaS editors produce everyday more and more innovative softwares solutions.

Problem : no distribution networks are fitted for these products promised for a mass market. 

Historic distribution networks are still calibrated for "on premise" softwares and marketplaces are not so efficient.

We have cracked a solution...

We offer to SaaS editors the best channel, referral, by enrolling Ambassadors motivated by a recurring revenue. 

This is affiliation opens to everyone. 

Online since 1st of June 16


People Love It (or soon)

Editors : a channel with cost related to performances. Full control on CAC

Ambassadors : an attractive recurring revenue by helping their network with a curation of the best innovative tools.

Our Target :

We want to enroll Ambassadors that are already business apps users.

We target experts in any business apps fields.

Ecosystem mapping

Our main advantage :

We are the first to offer a simple tool to target final users with a referral

Our Business model is affiliation  based on recurring revenue with a long lifetime.

Our Story

Objective for the next 12 months :

Become a leader on SaaS distribution market.

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