Pokémon Go: An Example of Digitalization

Pokémon Go: An Example of Digitalization

Pokémon Go: Digital Concept from Start to Finish

- Niantic Inc produced this augmented-reality game for iOS/ Android devices and was released July 6, 2016

-Players can capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world.

-A small optional wearable device was released alongside but separate from the game, called the Pokémon Go Plus. 

        -Bluetooth connection notifies users when a Pokémon is closeby with an LED display and a light vibration. 

        -To be released in late July 2016.

Media Richness in Pokémon Go

This game combines a real time camera, GPS tracking and digital animation to give the consumer an augmented reality experience. By allowing every consumer to experience the combination of virtual and actual reality simultaneously, it provides a revolutionary combination of technologies that is geared toward each individual user. By combining technologies the app handles multiple cues and gives immediate feedback.

Since the game was originally geared towards kids, it contains a natural language. Overall this game gives an in depth, almost alternate reality in the game world. 

Death of Distance in Pokémon Go

The global aspect of Pokemon Go brings the community interested in Pokemon together, and the economy too because anyone can make in app purchases. By having access to global information, the global game with parts all over the world has turned into a localized phenomenon. 

The community all over the world is sharing their advice and information, and now there are multiple tutorials online of how to play. It seems as if everyone playing the game is unified and can send information around the world about the game. 

Economies of Scale

The price of Pokémon Go is free, but has potential in-app purchases. Like most other applications, there was a high fixed cost initially (potentially millions due to its use of multiple technologies) but low to no marginal cost since the app has already been created. 

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Pokemon Go: Digitalization

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