The Art Angle

Great art endures because it is true and as such contains all the depth, details, texture, and wholeness that truth entails

Art connects humanity through archetypes that we all recognize on some level.

 A person can identify with a character and with a story, which results in a reader's creation.The reader will proceed to go on and read anything else they encounter in the world.

Therefore, literature allows people not only to develop their vocabulary and their reading skills, but also to develop a consciousness that they are a member of a larger community of people.

Romeo & Juliet - William Shakespeare

  • The play takes a self-conscious look at the conventions of popular 16th century poetry while participating in the art form. 
  • Romeo evolves from the cliché type of lover that usually appears in popular Petrarchan sonnets to a lover speaking in Shakespearean sonnets.
  • Though centuries have passed, the play is one of the most famous work of Shakespeare. Everyone can relate to the story, whether it is from a first hand experience or a third one.
  • Readers can easily connect with what Romeo or Juliet are going through, whether it is from a heartbreak, or from not being able to be with someone one loves.

The Catcher in the Rye - J.D Salinger

  • Holden invents a fantasy that adulthood is a world of hypocrisy and phoniness, while childhood is a world of innocence and honesty.
  • He desperately needs human contact and love, but his bitterness pulls him back from looking for those interactions.
  • Holden is afraid to grow up and fears that he will never be able to fit in, I think as I am heading to college right now on my own, I can relate with Holden's perspective of having to grow up at a time when one is not completely ready to make that transition.

"Because I Could Not Stop For Death"- Emily Dickinson

  • Dickinson paints a picture of the day of her death through her poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death".
  • The way she describes every detail of her path, shows that even though centuries have passed, she still remembers everything so vividly. 
  • Dickinson's perception: Death's not the end, but rather it is just one step closer to eternity.
  • One  may connect with her poetry, if one views it in the same way as Dickinson. If one perceives death as a positive stage rather than in a negative one, then one may understand Emily Dickinson's calmness and untroubled state.

“The White Man's Burden”- Rudyard Kipling

  • The poem talks about how the white are justifying their imperialism, because they aren't abusing their power and gaining profit from the lands of others, instead they are just trying to help them upgrade their way of living by redirecting them. They send their best man to teach and civilize them, only to gain hatred and violence from the colonized people.

  • In this poem, one coming from an African background or is familiar with it, would be able to connect with the injustice that the Whites have put upon Africans during the European Colonization.

"She Walks In Beauty" - Lord Bryon

  • The beauty in the woman was more profound, it is more about her purity than mere looks. Her beauty is associated to her being pure, rather than just her physical. “How pure, how dear their dwelling-place” “A heart whose love is innocent!”
  • The poet paints his lady's picture in such a deliberate and alluring manner, as to portray the art that lives within her.
  • Readers can connect with the poet's motive of enhancing his lady's qualities and aspects, for the sole reason that he is in love.
  • Beauty arises from the purity and simplicity of nature

The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

  • The only way Katniss was able to connect with the Capitol's citizens and gain their love was through her change of clothes and personality.
  • Pretending to enjoy certain arts and activities of the Capitol,  helped her get everyone's approval, which resulted her in getting support and aid from them and winning.
  • Anyone who has read the book, was able to relate to Katniss at some point of the story.
  • Volunteering for her sister, her romance with Peeta, and Rue's death scene.

  • In a world, where people are trying to survive, Katniss remains the only one who still has feelings. The similarity in which she perceives things and the reader, is what helps readers feel one with her.

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald 

  • The American dream was originally about  individualism, discovery, and the pursuit of happiness. However in the novel,  easy money and relaxed social values have corrupted this long anticipated dream.
  • People who lived in the roaring 20's can relate to much of what happens in the story; luxurious and expensive outgoing and activities. However, readers who also are not from that era can relate to the character's motives, thoughts, and actions.
  • For example, Gatsby reveals himself to be an innocent, hopeful young man who stakes everything on his dreams, not realizing that most of his dreams are unworthy of him. At one point or another, the reader is able to recognize and identify with the hopeless/in love character

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Whats the point of literature?

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