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Job Description

Pediatricians provide medical care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. They diagnose and treat illnesses, medical conditions, and injuries.

Where can you go to school?

Wake Forest University

A private university in Winston-Salem, NC.

Standard Course of Study for Undergraduate

  • Pre-medical course work: Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.
  • Common undergraduate major is Biology
      • Some schools may offer a pre-med major
  • Students must take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) to be tested on their knowledge of physical science, biology, cognitive skills, and verbal reasoning skills before they can apply to Medical School.

Standard Course of Study for Medical School

  • The first two years of medical school is mostly classroom work. (Courses on medical procedures, body systems, diseases, etc.)
  • The second two years takes place in a clinical setting.
    • In clinical rotations, the student will be working with patients while being supervised by a licensed physician.
    • United States Medical Licensing Exam
      • Students usually complete the first part prior to beginning clinical instruction, and the second part of the exam after clinical work is done.
  • While some states require students to take both parts of the USMLE prior to residency, new pediatricians commonly take the last part during residency, after medical school.
  • Students wishing to specialize in pediatrics will enter into a residency focused on instruction related to children's medicine. 

Cost of Education

Undergraduate tuition at Wake Forest University:

  • Tuition and fees: $49,308
  • Room and Board: $13,404
  • Books and Supplies: $1,400
  • Other Expenses: $2,400


$66,512 per year

Cost of Education

Medical School Tuition at Wake Forest University:

  • Tuition: $53,354
  • Books and Equipment: $1,790
  • Lodging: $5,920
  • Utilities: $2,920
  • Food: $3,940
  • Transportation: $3,240
  • Health Insurance: $3,324
  • Loan Fees: $1,964
  • Miscellaneous: $1,740
$78,192 per year

Scholarships at Wake Forest University

  • Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship
    • Covers entire annual tuition, room & board, as well as $1,500 for personal expenses
    • Up to six recipients
  • Graylyn Scholarship
    • Offered to one student per year and recognizes leadership and academic excellence.
    • Covers the annual cost of tuition, room & board, plus $1,500 for personal expenses.
    • Scholars are encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 for a research, study, or travel project during each of the three summers from freshman to senior year.

Outside Scholarships

  • AFA Teens for Alzheimer's Awareness College Scholarship
    • Applicants must complete a 200 word or less autobiography
    • Compete a 1,200 to 1,500 word essay on given topic found on website for that year
    • First place: $5,000; Second place: $2500; Third place: $1000; Honorable Mention: $500.

Outside Scholarships

  • Rewarding Young Leaders in Our Community Scholarship
    • Applicants must have contributed at least 50 hours of volunteer service per year in high school.
    • 16 recipients
    • $500-$7,500
    • Total given out $40,000

Pediatrician Projected Salary

  • The overall average salary for pediatricians is around $175,000 a year.

Where can you find a job?

As a pediatrician, you can generally find a job anywhere that you would like to live. However you might have more trouble owning a private practice in larger cities, so you would probably benefit more by working in a hospital.

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