1. Turn in vignette 7 by the end of class today

2. Review expectations for Socratic Seminar

3. Prepare questions (five minimum for seminar use).

4. I will assign each student two questions to prepare for seminar.

English IV Honors

21 April 2016

20 May 2016

English IV Honors

Last Class Day of Senior Year!

Today, you leave the small pond of high school for the bigger pond of adult life. Be the wild duck that leads others into action.

To do:

1. Extra credit due

2. Senior time capsule

3. Reminisce...

19 May 2016

English IV Honors


Study of Satire

"The Office"

Final Exam:

Two essays- open prompt, any selection we have read this semester

Extra Credit opportunity:

a letter of thanks to a teacher; see megastrawn site for project details; due Friday

10 May 2016

English IV Honors


1. Revise and edit five vignettes for Memoir Scrapbook

2. Create cover, title page, and table of contents

3. Arrange vignettes and visuals in an aesthetically pleasing fashion

English IV Honors

6 May 2016


Complete vignettes 9 and 10.

Due by the end of the period.

*Begin choosing and revising vignettes for Memoir Scrapbook.

*Bring scrapbook materials to class Monday.

9 May 2016

English IV Honors


*Choose 5 vignettes for final project.

*Use Revising Checklist to polish writing style.

*Review project instructions to make sure you have all elements of project (visuals, cover, table of contents, etc.)

5 May 2016

English IV Honors

*Background image is to commemorate Cinco de Mayo- Mexico's successful resistance to French imperialism

Today we are on morning activity schedule.

Please turn in any novels you have borrowed: Angela's Ashes or research novel.

Today's Objectives:

1. Work on vignettes 9 and 10.

2. Carefully consider verb tense and perspective of narrator.

3. Try to incorporate at least one style device- snapshot, thoughtshot, or Explode the Moment

3 English IV Honors

Today's Objectives:

1. Work on vignettes 9 and 10

2. View the TED talk "Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator"

English IV Honors

2 May 2016

Today's Objectives:

1. Work on vignettes 9 and 10 (try to incorporate at least one style element into each: Explode the Moment, snapshot, thoughtshot).

2. Take one of your returned vignettes and begin revising for style. Share with peer.

English IV Honors

29 April 2016


1. Socratic Seminar Reflection

2. Work on Memoir Project- Vignette 8 Due

3. Review Explode the Moment Lesson

27 April 2016

English IV Honors

Prepare for Socratic Seminar:

1. Get out your novel, questions, a pen, and some paper for notes.

Thursday, April 28 Outer Circle:

1. Samana          11. Jordan

2. Blake               12. Maegan

3. Madisyn*          13. Lizi

4. Skylar

5. Chase

6. Mark

7. Emma

8. Aaron

9. Addy

10. Sarah

Thursday, April 25 Inner Circle:

1. McKenna       11. Megan

2. Jazmin           12. Chris*

3. Audrey*          13. Tori 

4. Miracle

5. Ethan

6. Hunter

7. Jett


9. Gabby

10. Nick

Thursday: Outer Circle

1. Ali*                 9. Jenkins

2. Luisa             10. Zachary

3. Ariel               11. Paula

4. Benji              12. Trent

5. Dominique    13. Kyle

6. Gaby               14. Andre

7. Samantha      15. Shelby

8. Sadiq               16. Kassidy

Thursday: Inner Circle

1. Arseneaux*       9. Jordan

2. Brandon             10. Hunter

3. Shruthin             11. Kristen

4. Priscilla               12. Tristan

5. Dustin                  13. Jared

6. Tyler                    14. Kirstyn

7. Paige                   15. Laura

8. Will                       16. Seth

22 April 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Objectives:

1. Prepare for Socratic Seminar/Fish Bowl discussion (Monday-Tuesday)

2. Mark passages in book that you plan to refer to in answers or questions.

3. Prepare at least five questions using levels 2 or 3 of Costa's Question Levels and/or stems provided.

4. Prepare answers for two questions assigned by Strawn.

Socratic Seminar 

Preparation Expectations

1. Bring notes/annotated text

2. Write at least five questions 

3. Prepare answers/notes for two teacher assigned questions

During Seminar...

1. Inner circle provides a minimum of two quality responses using text evidence

2. Outer circle takes notes on topics, provides a lifeline for partner (one time).

English IV Honors

20 April 2016

Today is reminiscent of Limerick, Ireland...

1. Silence cell phones and place them on the table by the door. You will need a pen.

2. Angela's Ashes quiz

3. Work on vignette 7 - due tomorrow

English IV Honors

19 April 2016

Today's Objective:

1. Review for Angela's Ashes quiz. Answer chapter questions.

2. Calendar change- quiz April 20, vignette 7 and Socratic Seminar- April 21

English IV Honors

15 April 2016

Morning Activity Schedule:




3rd- 10:30-11:15

4th/lunch- 11:20-1:15



7th- 3:00-3:45

Today's Objectives:

1. Discuss any questions about novel.

2. Writer's Workshop- read the vignette you are working on or one you have already submitted to your group

Look for places in the writing where a snapshot, thoughtshot, etc. would make the writing clearer.

English IV Honors

14 April 2016

Today's Objectives:

1. Surprise/ ironic endings

2. Vignette 6

3. Read ch. 17

25 January 2016:

Turn in research projects with extend-a-buck attached before class begins, please. submissions are due before midnight with extend-a-buck.

Commercial/ PSA

Due Date: emailed to Mrs. Strawn by 4 pm Thursday, January 28.

Length: 30 seconds minimum, 2 minute maximum

Purpose: persuade audience novel should be added to high school curriculum 

Format: video, animated movie

Steps: 1) storyboard/outline, 2) film or create project with a movie making program

English IV Honors

11 April 2016

Today's Agenda:

1. Review 6th six weeks calendar

2. Memoir Scrapbook Project instructions

3. Read chapter 14 of Angela's Ashes

English IV Honors

8 April 2016

Work on photo-inspired vignette. Try to incorporate a "thought-shot." Due by the end of the period.

Read through chapter 13 of Angela's Ashes today.

7 April 2016

English IV Honors:


1. Please take out your novel, a pen, and the vignette you are working on.

2. Lesson on adding interest, depth to your writing by including a "thoughtshot."

**Turn to page 242 of Angela's Ashes. 

**Read along as McCourt describes what happens when he and his brothers have to stay with Aunt Aggie after Angela is hospitalized for pneumonia.

** Pay attention to descriptions of Frank's thoughts.

7 April 2016 :

Add a thought-shot to the vignette you are working on for the photo-inspired vignette.

Photo-inspired vignettes are due by the end of class on Friday.

6 April 2016

Today, we will view an interview with Frank McCourt.


Keep reading memoir. You should be on chapter 11 today. Vignette #4 (Snapshot memoir) will be due on Friday. Include a copy of the snapshot with your memoir, please.

English IV Honors

30 March 2016

Frank McCourt's memoir uses historical present tense:the use of a verb phrase in the present tense to refer to an event that took place in the past. In narratives, the historical present may be used to create an effect of immediacy. Also called the historic present, dramatic present, and narrative present.


1. Turn in 2nd vignette

2. Read chapter 6 of Angela's Ashes

3. Bring a photo from your childhood on Tuesday.

English IV Honors

29 March

Today's Agenda:

1. Read "Angela's Ashes," through chapter 5 by the end of day.

2. Work on 2nd vignette - due Wednesday. 

"Top o' the mornin' to ya"

English IV Honors

23 March 2016


*Continue reading Angela's Ashes

*Work on childhood home vignette

*Vignette due by end of class Thursday

English IV Honors

24 March 2016


1. Turn in childhood home vignette by the end of the period- include sketch.

2. Finish reading through ch. 2 of Angela's Ashes

3. Vignette Eggstravaganza

22 March 2016

English IV Honors

Frank McCourt devotes chapters 1 and 2 of his memoir to discussing his early childhood home. Using his vignette as a model, follow the directions on the handout to describe a memory from your early childhood. Final vignette is not due until Thursday.

Just a reminder as you work on your first vignette...

Welcome back from spring break!

English IV Honors

21 March 2016

Today you will need your Angela's Ashes book.

While we read today, consider how setting contributes to plot. 

Also, consider the narrator's reliability.

English I Tutoring/ Extra Credit:

Let Mrs. Strawn know if you are available periods 2, 4, or 6 as well.

This week: focus on keeping ahead of the novel reading schedule, and think of an event(s) in your life that you could write about...

10 March 2016

English IV Honors:

Satire project presentations were amazing! 

Today, we will begin exploring the historical context of Frank McCourt's memoir Angela's Ashes. Access my website for the document you need to complete today's assignment.

9 March 2016

English IV Honors

Last day for Satire Presentations

Include in your presentation:

social issue, ridiculous/creative proposal, elements of satire, and actual solution to issue

If you have Research Revisions, please turn packet in to the plastic bin. Also, submit new paper to

8 March 2016

English IV Honors

Look to the white board to see your scheduled time to present. Numbers 8-18 will likely present today.

 Presentation should include:

social issue, ridiculous/creative proposal, elements of satire, and actual solution to issue

Check out a copy of Angela's Ashes from Mrs. Strawn if you do not already have a copy. Schedule begins March 21.

Angela's Ashes reading schedule:

March 21-22- chapter 1

March 23-24- chapter 2

March 25- chapter 3

March 28- chapter 4

March 29- chapter 5

March 30- chapter 6

March 31- chapter 7

April 1- chapter 8

April 4 - chapter 9

April 5- chapter 10

April 6- chapter 11

April 7- chapter 12

April 8- chapter 13

April 11- chapter 14

April 12- chapter 15

April 13- chapter 16

April 14- chapter 17

April 15- chapter 18

7 March 2016

English IV Honors

Prepare Satire Project for presentation and submission. submission due by 11:59 pm tonight.

Angela's Ashes check-out...

Reading schedule to be determined prior to spring break. Basically, fifteen to twenty pages a day. 

Start day is March 21 and end day is April 22.

1 March 2016

English IV Honors

Today is a project work day:

1. Complete satire planning sheet- have Strawn check.

2. Begin drafting written portion. Mark satire elements used: Horatian, Juvenalian, hyperbole, invective, inversion, irony, sarcasm, understatement, paralipsis, caricature, parody, etc.

29 February 2016

English IV Honors

Please take out your project instructions for the Social Justice Satire Project.

Begin brainstorming ideas and completing the pre-writing activity.

Research Paper REVISION due March 9

Angela's Ashes- March 7

25 February 2016

English IV Honors

Please pick up the handouts on the table and take out some notebook paper.  View the video of Weird Al's song "First World Problems." What elements of satire are used? Who or what is being satirized? 

24 February 2016

English IV Honors

Examine the cartoon. What situation is being ridiculed? What elements of satire (reversal, invective, parody, etc.) are being employed? 

Two Types of Satire

Horatian satire--After the Roman satirist Horace: Satire in which the voice is indulgent, tolerant, amused, and witty. The speaker holds up to gentle ridicule the absurdities and follies of human beings, aiming at producing in the reader not the anger of a Juvenal, but a wry smile.

Juvenalian satire--After the Roman satirist Juvenal: Formal satire in which the speaker attacks vice and error with contempt and indignation Juvenalian satire in its realism and its harshness is in strong contrast to Horatian satire.

Fighting Fire With Satire Group Activity

1. What is the format of the news source? (TV program, online print source, etc.)

2. Describe the satirical source. (Does it use convincing language, or is it clearly a "spoof"? How accessible is the Web site? What are the "top stories"? etc.)

3. Does it convey political partisan (biased towards one party)?

4. Who or what are the main targets of satire?

5.What brand or type of satire does this source seem to use the most? (Parody, inflation, diminution, caricature, etc.)

6. Choose a story or article and evaluate it for its satirical effect.

23 February 2016

English IV Honors

Bell Work: On the back of your questions from yesterday, write your first impressions of "A Modest Proposal."

1. Using the satire terms chart, work with your partner to find examples in "A Modest Proposal."

2. Then, look for personal examples to include.

3. You know where this is going, right?  Think about how you might draw attention to a social issue in a "Swift-like" fashion.

4. Please obtain a copy of Angela's Ashes by March 7.

Finish questions for "A Modest Proposal" for HW.

English IV Honors

22 February 2016


Please pick up a handout from the table and a literature book.

Follow instructions given on handout. I will not share any background or context on the literature selection because I am conducting a social experiment:)


Bring a copy of Angela's Ashes to class March 7.

19 February 2016

English IV Honors


*View "Shakespeare Uncovered"

*King Lear test and In-class essay make-up time


Secure a copy of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes by March 7, please.

17 February 2016

English IV Honors


1. Deconstruct prompts for in-class essay tomorrow

2. Write thesis

3. Annotate text for support of thesis

4. Look at sample/model essays

You may submit a thesis statement at end of period. No notes allowed tomorrow.

18 February 2016

English IV Honors

Please take out your King Lear text and a pen. All other documents should be stored under your desk.

Also, please silence your cell phone and place it on the table beside the door.

Thank you:)


Include full name of author and title of play in introduction.

Write in present tense for literature analysis.

Cite act and scene in parentheses (5.3)

In his famous advice to the players, Hamlet defines the purpose of theater, "whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature" (3.2.21-23).

Avoid overuse of pronouns.

Introduce quotations with context including speaker and situation.

16 February 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. King Lear Test

2. Prepare for King Lear In-class Essay on Thursday

12 February 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. King Lear Review

2. Scheduled Timed Writing- Thursday, February 18

Test for King Lear on Tuesday

11 February 2016

English IV Honors


1. Complete mind map by end of period.

2. Review for King Lear exam- Tuesday, February 16.


Blogging entries due by the end of the school day (4 pm).

10 February 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda: 

1. Turn in Act V questions

2. Create a character mind map (AKA reviewing major quotes, events in play)

HW: Complete character/motif blog entries by end of day Thursday

King Lear final test Tuesday, February 16

9 February 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. Turn in Act IV comprehension questions

2. Answer Act V questions

3. View Act V

Complete 4 blog entries (2 questions, 2 comments) by Thursday, please.

King Lear final test Tuesday, February 16.

8 February 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. Act IV comprehension questions (turn in Act III and Act IV)

2. View film version of Act IV

3. Read Act V for HW

**Make a blog entry**

Blind/Sight idioms:

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

The sight of the stars makes me dream.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

turned a blind eye

blind as a bat

Love is blind.


I once was blind but now I see...

5 February 2016

English IV H

What are some common sayings (idioms) about sight or blindness? Think.."Blind leading the blind"

Another example: "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."

Helen Keller

For their allocated scene(s),

students are to:

 Find evidence of the themes of

seeing and blindness

 Identify if the seeing/blindness

is literal or metaphorical

 Suggest reasons for the use of

the themes in their scene(s)

(e.g. for dramatic irony,

contrast, horror, a plot device,

a moral message, etc.)

 Find and analyse quotations

relating to seeing and


After finding textual examples, plot your findings (character, quote, scene) on the class timeline.

HW: By Monday, read Act IV of King Lear.

4 February 2016

English IV Honors

In King Lear, the written word is extremely powerful in moving the plot of the play. In your journal consider the power of written words. Do you think written words still have the same power today?  Explain your perspective with evidence from observation, personal experiences, popular culture, etc.

3 February 2016

English IV Honors

How does the setting, 8th century B.C., affect your interpretation of the play?

2 February 2016

English IV Honors

“Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land” (Exodus 20:12).

 Most have heard this

Old Testament commandment, and even cultures where Christianity is not the primary religion adhere to some form of this belief, but what does it mean? How do you honor your parents? How important is it?

Write for seven minutes on this topic. Be prepared to discuss how the topic relates to King Lear.

1 February 2016

English IV Honors


1. Within your group, review the events of Act II by answering comprehension questions.

2. Using your electronic device, post a question or comment concerning your assigned character or motif.

28 January 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. Discuss characters, character motivation in Act I of King Lear.

Commercials/PSAs are due today by 4 pm. Email or share to

2. Work with discussion group to review major events in Act I.  Answer questions.

27 January 2016

English IV Honors

Read/view King Lear

Continue to track character/motif. Begin asking questions and comments for blogging assignment.

Email or share commercials/PSAs to Mrs. Strawn by 4 pm Thursday. You will turn in a physical copy of your plan/outline.

26 January 2016

Commercial Work Day


1. plan/storyboard

2. 30 seconds to 2 minute time limit

3. persuade audience that novel should be added to curriculum

4. email to by 4 pm Thursday

Bring King Lear Wednesday

Continue to annotate play concerning character and motif for blog discussion

Be looking for Angela's Ashes novel for 5th six weeks

22 January 2016

English IV H

Research Envelopes due today in class. submissions by 11:59 pm.

Finish Act I of King Lear.

Examine the role of the Fool.

Please pick up the rubric from the table. Review all elements and prepare any questions you have about how your paper will be graded. Also, please take out your thesis and outline. Mrs. Strawn will grade those while you continue reading King Lear.

15 January 2016


1. Review research rubric

2. Thesis and outline check

3. Finish Act I

HW: work on research paper, blogging assignment

December 1, 2015:

Please pick up a literature book and take out Macbeth notes. We will begin Act IV, page 361.

HW: Continue collecting articles related to your research question: how is your novel relevant to modern society?

Use the draft pages to summarize and evaluate each article.

14 January 2016: 


1. Discuss dramatic irony, end of scene 2 with group.

2. Begin reading Act I, scene 3

3. Continue to track character and motif

Bring thesis, outline, and first draft of research paper to class tomorrow

With your group, explain the dramatic irony in these words found in scene 2: "I am no honest man if there be any good meaning toward you" and "Some villain hath done me wrong."

12 January 2016: English IV Honors

Please pick up the handouts from the table as you enter. You will need a pen, your annotated bibliography, and novel.

Today, you will work on drafting your research paper.

Agenda Today:

Login to and view the peer/self reviews.

Use today as a revision day.

Please email me if you would find a live webinar with me helpful this weekend. Let me know what time would be best (Saturday or Monday).

 Submit final drafts to by 11:59 pm Friday for bonus points and by 8:00 am Tuesday, January 17  for on time status.

How is (novel) relevant to modern society?

Answer to question = thesis

12 January 2016

Please take out your journal, a pen, and your King Lear text.


1. Writing Tutorial

2. Discuss what we know about Lear, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Kent, Edmund, and Gloucester.

3. Read Act I, scene 2.

Bring AB and novel to class Wednesday.

11 January 2016:


1. Writing Tutorial- write answers in journal

2. King Lear

3. View Act I of King Lear

Character Blog Assignment:

After choosing a character, note a minimum of five character traits that can be supported by text evidence. 

Post a minimum of two blogs posts in which you ask questions and two in which you comment about your assigned characters and other aspects of the play as you read it. Blog posts will be added to a blog section established on the class website.

14 December 2015:

1. Finish Macbeth film 

2. Review for Macbeth exam.

For next semester, get a copy of King Lear.

15 December 2015:

1. Final Exam Review

2. Inner/Outer Circle make-up sessions

Literature selections for next semester: King Lear (Shakespeare) and Angela's Ashes (Frank McCourt)

10 December 2015:

Today's agenda...

View Macbeth and review for final exam

Make sure you have signed form to be considered for exemption...

Your final is scheduled for Thursday, December 17.

9 December 2015:

Film Study of Macbeth

Reminders: annotated bibliographies and inner/outer circle discussion due Tuesday. 

Final EXAM:

Macbeth multiple choice questions

Viewing film will help with review

Absent for inner/outer circle? Schedule a make-up session.

8 December 2015:

Place your annotated bibliography envelopes in the plastic crate in the front of the room.

 In the envelopes, you should have annotated articles, first draft, and final draft.

Please complete survey anonymously. Place face down in plastic pencil holder.

Inner/Outer Circle Discussion:

1. Please take out your questions for the discussion, any notes over Macbeth, and a literature book. 

2. You will also need a pen and a sheet of paper to take notes during the discussion.

7 December 2015:

1. Please take a literature book from the cart on back wall.

2. Turn to page 385; read along as you listen to end of Macbeth.

3. Read all directions for Inner/Outer Circle Discussion.

4. Complete all documents for I/O circle. Circle discussion and documents are due Tuesday.


Annotated Bibliography envelope is due Tuesday at the beginning of class. submission by 11:59 pm.

Act V, scene 1:

Describe Lady Macbeth's actions performed in her sleep.

Act V, scene 1:

What do her actions reveal about her state of mind, her knowledge?

Act V, scene 2:

Predict the significance of scene 2. Think about apparitions.

Act V, scene 3:

What heroic qualities does Macbeth reveal in this scene?

Act V, scene 4:

How do the rebel forces plan to disguise their attack on Dunsinane castle?

Act v, scene 5:

"Wherefore was that cry?"

Explain the context of this quote.

Act V, scene 5:

What is Macbeth's view of life as found in lines 19-28?

End of Act V:

How do each of the apparition's prophecies come to be fulfilled?

2 December 2015:

1. Please pick up a literature book. Turn to page 374.

2. If you have not had your summary checked/reviewed, please bring it to me now.

3. Thursday, meet in the library. For HW, read, annotate, summarize, and evaluate each article collected.

Act IV, scene 1:

How does Macbeth interact differently with the witches than before?

Act IV, scene 1:

What does each apparition look like? What does each tell Macbeth?

Act IV, scene 1:

How does Macbeth plan to get revenge on MacDuff for fleeing to England?

Act IV, scene 2:

How does Lady Macduff feel about her husband leaving Scotland? How is she different from Lady Macbeth?

Act IV, scene 3:

How does Macduff test Malcolm's honor?

18 November 2015

1. Finish Act III (pg. 350). Begin Act IV.

2. Meet in flex lab Thursday.

3. Continue to read research novel. Annotations due in class on Monday, November 23.

Act II, scene 4:

What crazy/unnatural events occur after Duncan's death? What might those events symbolize?

Act III, scene 1:

Analyze Banquo's state of mind in lines 1-10.

Act III, scene 1:

How does Macbeth plan to rid himself of competitors to the throne?

Act III, scene 2:

"O, full of scorpions is my mind"

What do these lines reveal about Macbeth's state of mind?

Act III, scene 3:

Who is murdered?

Who is spared?

Who is the third murderer?

Act III, scene 4:

What brings Macbeth's "fit" on again?

Act III, scene 4:

Describe the apparition Macbeth sees. 

Act III, scene 4: 

How does Lady Macbeth attempt to control the damage done?

Act III, scene 4:

Why is Macbeth suspicious of Macduff?

Act III, scene 4:

Macbeth's once noble character has diminished considerably. Examine lines 132-141 for evidence of his diabolical, psychotic behavior.

Act III, scene 5:

What is Hecate's plan for Macbeth?

Act III, scene 6:

How is Lennox's monologue verbally ironic?

17 November 2016

1. Continue reading novel for research project. Plan to finish novel by Monday, November 23.

2. Read Act III of Macbeth; note motifs, characterization, etc.

3. Tomorrow will be a research day. Be prepared to gather two articles for annotated bibliography.

4. Senior Superlatives-

Character Tweet

After reading Act III, write a tweet from any character still living by the end of Act III. Tweets should not be longer than 140 characters and include a hashtag.  Also, please create a username and image representing the character.

13 November 2015: English IV Honors


1. Read novel for research project. Annotations will be checked for a grade on Monday.

2. Take notes/answer questions as we read Macbeth in class. Notes will help you with projects and final exam.


Read Macbeth, Act I scenes 5-7.

Look for references to the following ideas or motifs: false appearances, masculinity, hands, guilt

16 November 2015:

1. Please take out your research novel and annotations. Place them on your desk.

2. Turn to page 324, line 47. Today, you will finish reading Act 1 and begin Act 2. 

3. Follow along with the audio version and answer questions, mark motifs, and references to theme after each scene.

Act I, scene 7:

How does Macbeth's character change from lines 25-35 until the end, lines 79-82?

Act II:

Note references to blood, false appearances, the supernatural, and insanity.

Act II, scene 1:

What purpose does the floating dagger serve? Imagery, characterization, mood, etc..

Act II:

Create a timeline or list of events leading up to Duncan's murder.

Act II, scene 1:

What does Banquo's response to Macbeth's request reveal about Banquo's character?

Act II, scene 2:

What change in character is revealed in lines 1-8 of scene 2?

Who is blamed/framed for Duncan's murder?

Where are Malcolm and Donalbain going at the end of scene 3? Why?

Scene 5 (page 319)

What kind of relationship do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth seem to have?

Scene 5:

 What images create an ominous mood?

Scene 5:

What references to false appearances are found?

Scene 5:

Consider Lady Macbeth's monologue (lines 39-55). How do her words relate to gender roles?

12 November 2015- English IV Honors

Please pick up a calendar from the table. Review key dates and assignments.

Also, please take out your journal/questions for Macbeth.

Write down your first impressions of Macbeth the character.

Act I, scene 7:

Examine lines 12-16. What does "double trust" mean?

Act 2: 

Examine references to light/darkness and sleep/wakefulness.

Act I:

How do lines 54-58 of scene 7 contribute to Lady Macbeth's characterization?

Act 2:

What are the sequence of events leading up to Duncan's murder?

23 October 2015

English IV-H Agenda

1. Field trip information

2. Presentation Notes- Pilgrim Chart

3. Prologue begins on page 102

4. Begin presentations: knight, squire, yeoman,prioress, monk

10 November 2015

English IV Honors

Shakespeare Overview

Macbeth historical background

Discuss: When is ambition a positive attribute? Can it be a negative attribute?

6 November 2015

English IV Honors

Bell Work: Please read pages 304-305 of literature book. With your shoulder partner, write down the top five ideas from the pages on a sticky note. 

The curse of Macbeth

Define a tragic hero.

What characters do you know who fit this criteria?

5 November 2015

English IV Honors

Turn in extra credit assignments to Mrs. Strawn at the beginning of class (email or paper copy to white bin).

Today you will choose a number to determine book selection.

Please give Mrs. San Angelo your full attention (cell phones should disappear) as she points out the data bases you can use for your project. 

Remove these titles from your list...

Title #s 2-4, 6-7, 10-12, 14, 16, 18, 23, 27, 30-31, 35-37, 39, 41-43, 45, 50, 54, and 73

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4 November 2015

English IV Honors

All Renaissance Festival projects will be due on Monday, November 9

Bell Work: Please pick up the handouts as you enter. Begin reading information regarding Research Project

Extra credit questions are due at the beginning of class Thursday. Thursday, we will meet in the library.

3rd Six Weeks Goals

In class, we will read William Shakespeare's Scottish play (AKA Macbeth)

Outside of class, students will read a novel written by a British author and collect articles for an annotated bibliography.

2 November 2015

English IV Honors

Reminders: Meet in fine arts parking lot by 7:45 AM. Review Renaissance Festival site & Strawn's site for details about events scheduled.

Extra Credit Opportunity was also posted on Mrs. Strawn's site.

Prepare for In-Class Essay:

1. Silence cell phone and place on table.

2. You may have a one-page outline, character chart, pen, and textbook.

3. When finished, staple all notes and character chart to the back of essay (on yellow paper).

30 October 2015

English IV Honors Agenda

1. Finish presentations: Miller, Manciple, Reeve, Summoner, and Pardoner

2. Review for Medieval Essay

3. Canterbury Tales chart will count as two academic practice grades

4. Submit permission forms and fees for Renaissance Festival

29 October 2015

English IV H

Reminders: field trip permission slips and admission fees are due by Friday. 

Prepare for quiz: silence cell phones and place on table by the door. 





the Manciple

the Reeve

the Summoner

the Pardoner

27 October 2015

English IV H


All project instructions and links for Renfest assignment have been uploaded to my web page.

HW: Access the link for Renaissance Historical Background from English IV Resources. View episode 1 of the BBC series by Thursday. Expect a quiz Thursday

Pilgrim Presentations:




Oxford Cleric

Sergeant at the Law





26 October 2015

English IV Honors

Objectives for today:

**Pilgrim Project Presentations- yeoman, prioress, monk, friar, merchant, cleric, sergeant at law, franklin, etc...

Pardoner's Tale HW/BELL WORK- 22 October 2015

Within the first 7 minutes of class, please email me your explanation of how irony and theme of Pardoner's Tale relates to modern media messages. Include specific examples in your explanation. Visual evidence is sufficient. My email address is

22 October 2015

English IV-H

Today is a work day for the Pilgrim Presentation Project.

Presentations begin Friday.

Project rubric is on

Key elements:

Read original text fluently.

Create a modern rendition rendition of Chaucer's lines.

Visual aid of pilgrim.


November 3 is the date for Renaissance Festival field trip.

Please secure your position by bringing $10 ticket price by Friday, October 23. 

Information sheet distributed within class; more details to follow

October 19 Objectives:

1. Discuss Medieval Humors and Physiognomy handout.

2. Discuss Chaucer's Pardoner

3. Read "The Pardoner's Tale" (pages 125-132).

4. Discuss "After you Read" questions on page 132.

October 20 Objectives:

1. Read "The Wife of Bath's Tale" on pages 133-149.

2. Consider terms: irony, humor, cultural context, religious implications

3. Be able to answer "After You Read" questions on page 149.

OR---- View "Anatomy of Gray" play preview and complete 1-3 for HW.

13 October 2015

Bell Work

1. Please pick up a literature book and take out "Bonny 

Barbara Allan" questions.


1. Read "Get Up and Bar the Door" on page 204-205 of literature book.

2. Answer questions. Turn in all questions to period 6 tray.

3. Work on original ballad.

16 October 2015: English IV Honors

1. Please pick up Pilgrim Presentation Project information.

2. Please prepare your ballad to be turned in: ballad with MLA heading followed by any articles or context information.

3. Online submission of ballad is due to by midnight tonight. Ballads not submitted online will receive a zero.

Today's Objectives

Review Pilgrim Presentation Guidelines

Read assigned lines and begin working on project.

9 October 2015

1. Please read the article "Six Dead After Church Bombing."

2. Then read the ballad "Ballad of Birmingham." Mark the rhyme scheme, paraphrase each stanza, and rate it based on the ballad ballot criteria.

9 October 2015

English IV-H

1. Read "Ballad of Birmingham"

2. Ballad writing assignment- due date October 16

3. Ballad notes

4. HW: Read "Bonny Barbara Allan" on pages 203-204 and complete questions by Tuesday.

21 September 2015:

Today's Objectives:

 1. Finish presentation and handouts(35 copies-per.6)

2. Decide format and division of responsibilities.

3. Submit handout for copying by 4:00 PM today if presenting Tuesday.

Presentation Resources:

Google slides


Review Assignment Requirements!!!!

Good afternoon!

 8 October 2015

Please pick up a ballad ballot and yearbook information sheet.  

Today's Objectives:

1. Review ballad traits.

2. Declare a winner to Battle of the Ballads.

6 October 2015: English IVH

1. Prepare for Battle of the Ballads by taking out your ballad.

2. Make sure you have fully explained on your lyrics page how your ballad meets the criteria listed. If the song can be played via youtube, please include the link.

While waiting, read pages 200-201 in literature book, so you can sharpen your judging skills.

5 October 2015 : English IVH

1. Please take out the King Arthur background question sheet. We will finish the biography of King Arthur and then turn in questions/answers.

Today's objectives:

1. Understand how King Arthur legends contribute to the genre of medieval romance.

2. Define and identify the form of ballad poetry. Page 201 of literature gives the best specific definition.

2 October 2015: English IVH

1. Prepare to turn in your HW, the code of chivalry chart (chart only).

A few codes not found within the text are:

G & G: 3,4,8

LMDA: 4, 7

Today we will view King Arthur's biography. Answer questions as you view. I will pause film every 10 min. or so to let you catch up with questions.

1 October 2015: English IV Honors

Bell Work:

1. Please pick up a handout and read the code of chivalry.

2. Then discuss the following statement in your writer's notebook: 

Chivalry is dead.

Agree, disagree, or qualify the statement. If you agree that chivalry is dead, how do you feel about that fact?  

Philosophical Chairs:

Chivalry is dead.

Depending on which selection you read, divide up into groups. 

 In your groups, discuss how chivalry is manifested within the medieval romance. 

 Complete the chart together with specific text examples.

30 September 2015

English IV Honors Objectives:

1. Senior Day info.

2. Middle Ages/ Medieval Literature

3. HW: Choose either "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" or "Le Morte D'Arthur" to read for tomorrow's class

Bell Work:

On the sticky note I provide, reflect on how prepared you felt for the Grendel exam. What can I do to help you be more prepared in the future? What can you do to be more prepared?

28 September 2015

English IV Honors 

1. Please pick up a senior day field trip packet. Review due dates for forms, rules, etc.

2. Please take a post-it note (yellow or blue/not your own) from the left side of the white board. Formulate an answer on the back of the note.

3. Today we will review for the Grendel test and practice thesis statements for the short essay questions.

29 September 2015 

Homework to be completed by Thursday:

In the literature book,

read EITHER "Le Morte D'Arthur" (pg. 188)


"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (pg. 164)

Grendel Test Review

50 points objective/mc

50 points short essays

* Identify characters

* Quote identification

* Identify each zodiac sign and its characteristics

*Identify each philosophy

* Be able to identify quotes connected to each zodiac/philosophy

Choose two short essay questions to answer

Discuss how the novel supports an overall message about how to approach life.

Which philosophy represents your world view? Explain the tenets of the philosophy and how you relate with specific examples.

Discuss how Grendel or Unferth display the characteristics of an antihero.

HW: Study for test

29 September 2015:

1. Please pick up a scantron. Complete the information-name, sub-Grendel, test no- 1 or 2 (you'll know after I pass out test booklets).

2. Prepare cell phones to go to "day-care," the table beside the door.

Please do not write on the test booklet. You will have a separate sheet for your short answer questions.

You may also turn in your Grendel novels by placing them on the group of desks closest to the rubber ducks.

25 September 2015: English IV H

Today, we will review the major events, philosophies, and zodiac motifs in Grendel through group presentations:

1. Chapter 10

2. Chapter 11

3. Chapter 12

Review for Grendel exam:

**Reading guide for each chapter

**philosophies and zodiac signs

**handouts for each chapter

**Letter from John Gardner

**antihero handout

TEST will be Tuesday!


1. Dress professionally or to fit your theme (the day of your presentation) for 5 extra points on your presentation.

2. Senior Day- October 7

3. Advanced English field trip- Renfest on November 3 (details pending).

15 September 2015

 English IV Honors

1. Prepare CA essays for submission in this order: final draft, any rough drafts, pre-writing, and extra credit checklist last.

2. Place essays in the 1st period tray after stapling all documents together.

Today's Agenda:

1. Submission details-

class id:10466655

password: megastrawn6

2. Connections between epic and novel (T-chart)

Library Day:

1. Please sit with your assigned group member(s).

2. Take out the notes you have compiled for your chapter and your novel.

3. We will have today and Monday to work on the presentations.

Required Elements:

1. Examples from text of zodiac sign

2. Examples from text of philosophy

3. a timeline, chronology of five events from chapter

4. Five questions from Costa's levels of questioning

5. Create a handout of all information

6. A presentation of information (7 min. for pairs; 9-10 min. for trios)

16 September 2015:

Sit in the corner of the room that indicates your answer from last night's homework question. Get out your homework(t-chart and question). You may also want your novel.

Today's Agenda:

1. Philosophical chairs

2. Turn in HW

3. Review for Anglo-Saxon Period test

Online Access to the Literature Book:

1) go to:

2) select Texas Treasures 6-12

3) select grade level

4) click on book cover

5) enter grade level access code: CF9E7C9175

Good afternoon!

 Prepare to take your Anglo-Saxon/ Beowulf test.  Please take out your electronic device and place it on your desk.

Tomorrow we will meet in the library.

The following items should be completed before tomorrow:

1. Finish reading Grendel.

2. Complete notes for chapter/philosophy/zodiac sign. 

For Homework: 9/15

1.  Write an answer to this question:

Which character is most influential on Grendel: his mother, the Shaper, the Dragon, or Wealtheow?

Be prepared to discuss your answer in class, and support your assertions with textual evidence from the novel.

2. Read chapters 11-12

3. Complete this google form to help get an accurate count for senior shirt orders:

14 September 2015:

Please pick up a sticky note and the poem handout from the table. 

On the sticky note, write two discussion questions for chapters 5-8 of the novel. Leave your note on your desk.

Read the two poems. 

From what point of view are each of the poems told?

Think of some examples of films and/or novels where the narrators were reliable/unreliable.

Philosophical Chairs:


1. After listening to each argument, did your opinion change?

2. CA essays are due in class tomorrow. Turnitin submission by midnight on Tuesday. Parent editing checklist will add 5 points to essay score.

3. Read ch. 9-10 of novel.

11 September 2015

Please pick up the editing handouts from the table as you enter. Review each handout; the use of one of these handouts will result in 5 bonus points being added to your CA essay grade.

Today's Objectives:

1. Review CA essay requirements.

2. Review Grendel chapters, philosophies.

3. Work Time: ratiocination and/or Grendel reading.

4. Writing Conferences

8 September 2015: English IV Honors

In your composition notebook, answer one of the following questions about Beowulf:

*Beowulf is looking for true love. What qualities will Beowulf look for in the ideal mate? What characteristics make a person Beowulf's perfect partner? How do you know?

*Oh no! Beowulf has just been presented with an arrest warrant. Whatever for? Describe the crime Beowulf has committed, and how Beowulf will react to the police.


1. CA essays are due on Sept. 15. Writing conferences will continue today. See handout/website for details and website for Fix-its.

2. Refer to calendar for reading schedule. Tonight you should read ch. 5-6 of Grendel.

3. Continue to note characterization of Grendel as antihero, philosophies, and astrological signs as you read. See the reading guide suggestions handout.

4. Review parameters of TWELVE chapters assignment.

10 September 2015:

 English IV Honors

Bell Work: Listen to the following song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. In your composition notebook, write an entry discussing any connections that can be made to the novel Grendel.

9 September 2015: English IV Honors

Please take out your Grendel novel, composition book, and a pen.

Journal #4: In your composition book, reflect on your first impressions of Grendel. How would you characterize him? Do you like him? Why or why not? Choose quotes from the chapters to support your impressions. Be prepared to discuss with your group.

Today's Objectives:

1. Finish epic hero handout for any other hero from popular culture with your group. Turn finished sheet into the white plastic bin for your period.

2. Writing Conferences: front row groups should get CA essays out for this purpose.

3. Grendel lottery - Read ch. 1-2 for HW


As you read, note examples from the text that qualify Grendel as an antihero

a protagonist who lacks the attributes that make a heroic figure, as nobility of mind and spirit, a life or attitude marked by action or purpose, and the like. 

7 September 2015 Bell Work:

Pick up the style analysis handout for an excerpt of Beowulf. On the handout, mark any examples of kenning, alliteration, or caesura noticed. Consider the effect of each literary element on the text's meaning.

Place your one-pager on your desk, please. Smile. It's a beautiful day!

Within your groups, finish reading Beowulf. Then evaluate how Beowulf meets epic hero criteria. How do heroes of popular culture compare?

CA essays:

Due Date- September 15

Writing Conferences every day this week by groups. Bring your pre-writing and/or drafts.

Bring a copy of Grendel to class tomorrow if possible.

English IV Honors

(periods 1 and 6):

2 September 2015

Take the webquest handout from the table beside the door. Use your device to answer the questions.

Write your answers by hand on notebook paper OR type your answers directly onto the document found on Mrs. Strawn's website. Due Friday!

Good afternoon!  Today is September 4, 2015.

Please pick up a literature book and take out your electronic device. Access the link below to join a conversation between Beowulf and Hrothgar. 

You should choose a username based on the character you are given.

Create a "tweet" as your character. Hrothgar is asking for Beowulf's help, and Beowulf is responding with why he is the best man for the job.

Turn to page 38 in literature book.

1. English IV Honors

(periods 1 and 6):

3 September 2015

2. Use the literature book to begin Beowulf on page 23. Stop reading on page 38 before reading "the battle with the dragon."

3. Create a one-pager for Beowulf. Use template for instructions.

 One-pager is due on Monday, September 7.

As you finish, please make sure you have written your full MLA heading on the first page of the essay. 

Staple all notes to the back page.

Place essays in the white plastic tray on the front table.

Place teal prompt page beside tray, please.

Tomorrow, please bring your electronic device to class:)

You will be doing a webquest over Anglo-Saxon culture and traditions.

Then we get to start my favorite work of literature, Beowulf!

25 August 2015- English IV Honors

Pick up the handout from the table near the door, and

please sit in the same seat you were assigned yesterday.

Prepare your summer reading letters for submission.

September 1, 2015: English IV Honors

Please take out any materials you need for the summer reading timed writing: novel, outline, pre-writing.

You may also put your pre-writing packet for CA essay (or typed copy of full CA essay) on your desk.

class id: 10466655


Remind 101:

text @hstrawn to 81010

Clip 1 Case Study: Sybil Trelawny

Clip 2 Case Study: Macgyver

Clip 3 Case Study: Sheldon 

Clip 4 Case Study: Dwight Shrute

How to Read Literature

Like a Professor

Create a top ten list of the most important points made in the text. For each major idea listed, include an example from either Pride and Prejudice or Frankenstein that illustrates the idea.

Closure: Which idea from HTRLLP seems most prevalent in the novel you chose to read?

HW Reminder: Turn in student information sheets and syllabus acknowledgement forms by Friday. Submit summer letter by 6 PM today. Bring your summer reading novels to class Wednesday and Thursday, please:)

26 August 2015: English IV Honors

Please take out your syllabus acknowledgement form and/or student information sheets if you have not already turned them in.

In your composition notebook, write about the most frustrating character/book you have ever read. Detail the character/book, and explain why you were frustrated.

Today's Objectives:

1. Finish discussing/ gallery walk of Top Ten Lists

2. Review essay prompts and rubric for in-class essay

3. Graphic organizer or outline for essay acceptable to bring on Monday as well as annotated text.

4. Novel groups to discuss prompts

27 August 2015: English IV Honors Bell Work

Please pick up the three handouts (two about senior ads) from the table near the door.

Sit in a group of desks that reflects your novel choice.

You will need your summer reading selections, a pen, and the prompt page from yesterday.

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