Archery in China

Archery started over 20,000 years ago.

Archery was originated in Europe 

The rules of Archery

The maximum time to shoot three arrows is two minutes and the max time to shoot six arrows is four minutes.

The arrow can't be re-fired no matter what.  It may be counted as not fired if it misfires or the target is blown over by the wind

Scoring of the game

The outer white line is counted as 1 the next white line closer to the middle counts as 2 and it keeps going to the middle where the middle counts as 10 points ( image below) 

Equipment For Archery 

1) Armguard (when the arrow is shot it protects your arm)

2) Arrow

3) Bow

4) Bowstring 

5)Chest-guard ( keep clothing out of the way and protect injuring the body)

6)Finger tab or shooting glove( worn to protect your finger from the arrow)

7)Fletching ( feathers on the back of the arrow)

8)Hand grip or handle

9)Quiver ( used to hold arrows

10)Nock(holds the arrow in place on the bow)



. Athletes shoot  distances, from 5 to 60 meters, depending on the division. Shots are uphill, downhill and all different weathers.The course is arranged so that the shooting the targets can be reached without  difficulty.  

 At least 20m away from the sides of the first and last target set at 90m.

10m behind the waiting line.

At least 50m beyond the 90m target line.

Archery is a sport where the objective is to be perfect, each and every time. You are your own opponent here, and if you have a perfect round, you'll beat anyone who isn't perfect

There is Olympics for archery and there or all kinds of different leagues depending on where you live and travel. 

Archery has changed scene the time it was created until now. The way we shoot our bow and arrows to the way we score the points 

When archery was first created they only used a bow and arrow now we use a lot more equipment to play the sport. 

You can a penalty if you put your bow up before you are allowed to. 

The length of the game is varied it all depends. 

 You are on a team with 4 other people and you compete against another team. The team with the most points at the end wins. 


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Archery In China

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