Instagram: Information Digitalization

#Throwback Thursday / Timeless Time

This trait of timelessness is because of a storage and communication convergence. Instagram allows its users to post pictures that were takin in real-time (synchronous) or at a different time in the past (asynchronous). 

An example of this is the popular hashtag: #tbt, which stands for throwback thursday. This phrase has been coined to signify a particular day that people will post pictures from days ago or even years ago. Although this isn't the only day people can post such pictures, it has been popular enough to become its own hashtag.


Digital Death of Distance

The immediacy and pervasive nature of Instagram allows its users to receive images from the people they follow almost instantaneously. No matter where people are, the distance does not affect the speed of the information.

Exposure Selection

On Instagram, users are able to decide if they want their account to be private or public for anyone see their pictures. When private, the owner of the account has to accept everyone who wants to follow them. When public, anyone in the world can see the account's pictures if they find the account.

Instagram's feature allows people to feel more secure about the information they are showing (or not showing) to the world. Exposure selection is a crucial aspect of digitization that makes people feel more secure about interacting with digital information.


Exposure selection is the overarching characteristic of digitization since it affects how and to whom your information is displayed on Instagram. Timeless time indicates the type of information can be shown through the app. Digital death of distance affects who can see your photos and how far it can travel. All of these traits are separate, but inter-mingle with each other. Exposure selection relates to timeless time and death of distance pretty closely. However, timeless time and death of distance do not have a straightforward tie together.

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Information Digitalization

by izzyzefairy


Public - 5/6/16, 5:44 PM