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"Visual Marketing is a 2016 trend."-Content Marketing Institute

"Smartphones are (still) popular."-New AdWeek report 

Regional Report

"Over 80% of Bahrain, Qatar & UAE is online."-Oxford

"20% of Tunisia will have 4G by 2nd half of 2016."-Tunisia Gov.

"Over 28% of MENA is young (15-29)."-World Bank/UNDP/MEYI

SEO expert Naguib Toihiri shared: We read 20% of text online

What does it all mean...?

It's time to go from This...

To This...Visuals (Photo is in Los Angeles area: Malibu beach)

People ask me sometimes "What is your recipe for social media success?"

Here is some of it... 

 How to improve on YouTube (See

70=amount of characters you should keep your title under
(Tip: Translate titles to more languages to reach more people)

Descriptions should include links to your websites (in the 1st line so it will be seen easily in search result), social media and other relevant links (Subscribe, your YouTube playlist, your similar YouTube videos, etc.)

Description box can take 5,000 characters. Put more content (translated info, etc.) so your videos can be found more easily.

Key tags: Specific, Compound (2 words) 

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BUNKR Visual Storytelling

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