Cycling is a sport that you have to be fit for and willing to give it all you got so you can win the race.

The sport originated near Paris. Also the year that the sport originated was in 1868.

The sports rules are that they want to arrive to the finish line first and with the quickest time.

The Amount of people that can be on the track at once is 20 to 40 people on the track at once.

The length of the races are until all people finish and cross the finish line.

The scoring for the race is when people finish the race with the fastest time.

The track is about 243 kilometers.


The basic strategy are to finish the race with the fastest time and to also finish first.

The major penalties/fouls of the game are that if you ht or try to crash the other people in the race you will get time added on to the amount of time when you finish the race.

The type of the equipment used for the races is bikes,helmets,light and thin long sleeve shits and water bottles.

The type of leagues that exist for the sport is the Olympics, amateur and cup game.

The sport changed by the type of the equipment because the equipment has advanced for more comfort and safety.  




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