Inventions then and how we use them now 

By: Jelena Prpa and Madison Vaa

The First Steam Powered Train

The first steam powered train was created by a man named George Stephenson, after a man named Richard Trevithick failed to make an eailer model, Stephenson didn't want to give up on the idea of a steam powered train.

Today we use trains as a main transportation, you can really go anywhere with a train. Thats all because of the determenation of George Stephenson.

The First Battery

A man named Count Alessandro Volta created the first battery in 1814. The battery was a clay jar that was filled with a vinegar solution into which an iron rod surrounded by a copper cylinder was put inside of the battery.

Today we use batteries for most things like toys, remotes, phones, etc. Without the battery everything would charged by solar energy (which would be better for the planet) but much more expensive to get installed.

The First Telephone

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the first call was made on March 10th, 1867. It allowed people to speak across distances, but it was expensive and only the richest families could afford them.

Today all most every person has a phone of some type, they have advanced greatly since the first one was made. There are different brands of phones now, so it can get confusing about picking the right one.

The first typewriter-Jelena

The first typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. The first typewriter was used in 1867.

Today, a typewriter is called a computer and almost everyone has one. Computers have changed over the years. There is so many different types of computers, it is so hard to pick one. 

The first refrigerator-Jelena

A man named William Cullen who had went to the University of Glasgow had invented the first refrigerator in 1748. 

Today we have many different types of refrigerators because of the way they are built. For example: there is a touch screen refrigerator that you can just use one touch to get your water or your ice. There is just some that a general refrigerators that don't have touch screen and it is less complicated. 

The first coca cola-Jelena

In 1886, John Pemberton had invented coca cola. The coca cola bottles were glass jars and thats what they used until someone had invented the aluminum can. Coca cola was priced at 5 cents. 
Today, we still drink coca cola and they are not in glass jars they are in aluminum cans. Today a can of coca cola cost .75 cents-2.00 dollars. Since coca cola got more popular they had raised the prices. 


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