Water Polo in Great Britain.

Water Polo was originated in Great Britain in the late 19th century. It is believed that the British created this game as a pass time.


The first game of Water Polo was played in the united states.

The rules of Water Polo

Some rules of Water Polo are players can only hold the ball with one hand. Also only the goalie can use two hands.

  Major fouls are when  players physically attack or lay hands on other players.

Players and length

The game of Water Polo consists of four quarters worth of length.

The game includes six  players and one goalie per team.

Scoring And Dimensions

Scoring occurs when a player throws the ball into the opponents goal. 

The field dimensions depend on how big in size the pool is.

Strategies And Penalties

Some of the basic strategies of Water Polo awareness, communication, and body position.

One penalty of Water Polo are when the player fails to throw the ball before the shot clock runs out.

Equipment And Leagues

Some equipment used for Water Polo are balls, bathing caps, lane ropes and buoys, goals, and swimsuits.

Some leagues are the Olympics, and the major leagues.


Water Polo has changed a lot after all these years. At first it was just a past time, however now it is played in the Olympics and for major leagues. Thank you for viewing my Bunkr.

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