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The Buddhist parable of the 'blind men and the elephant' offers a colorful way to make sense of the notion of collaborative inquiry. 

By sharing their experiences in a participatory manner, they could arrive at a more comprehensive truth than their own perspectives allow, isolated from each other. 

Learning Goal - Learners in the room have a professional understanding of Collaborative Inquiry/Job-embedded Professional Development and why it is a highly beneficial practice. 

*My goal is to motivate you to seek out an opportunity to be part of self-directed Professional Development as soon as possible!


Teachers, Administration


- Individuals who are willing to take action, time/effort commitment

- Sense of ownership



PD that doesn't stop at 1 (not just consumers)

It's a professional way of being


-Starts with observation, data

- Meeting

- After assessment for/of



"Through collaborative inquiry, teachers integrate new knowledge and understanding of student learning and classroom instruction into their existing knowledge of professional practice."

- Recognizes the role of teachers in school improvement 

Why? (cont...)

What do we know?

- Job-embedded teacher professional development increases teacher ability to reach more students

- Questioning increases student success

-Student voice increases success

*We are engaging teachers as learners.

Other resources you should check out:

- No More Bad Coffee: Professional Development That Honors Teachers: Sheryl Chard at TEDxABQED

- Teacher Inquiry Project: Math Manipulatives, Digital Story

- Introduction to Collaborative Inquiry

- Collaborative Inquiry

- Collaborative Inquiry A Facilitator's Guide

Avenues of Professional Development 

-Aboriginal (Indigenous) Education

-Assessment For Learning (CAfLN)


-Action-Oriented Tasks

(like Kahoot, but without "game show" feel)

- Login as student

Room code is ZKGTZBZM

Sara Wellwood


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Collaborative Inquiry Sparks Learning

by smwellwood


Public - 6/18/16, 1:01 AM