Where did the sport originate and what year?

Track and field is one of the oldest of sports.It was first played in Olympic Games of ancient Greece. The year it started is 776 BC.

How is the sport played? – general rules of the sport

General Rules

1.  In all field events besides the high jump and pole vault:

  • The best distance out of all attempts will be counted.

With eight or more competitors, each athlete shall be allowed three trials. The top eight finishers (or nine if the track has enough lanes) will be allowed three additional trials.

  • If there are eight or fewer athletes (or nine if the track has enough lanes) all will be allowed six trials. In non-championship competitions and at the judgment of the games committee, the number of trials may be reduced to four.

2.  All throws and jumps must be measured immediately after each attempt.

3.  Distances in field events will be measured in meters. If the distance measured is not a whole centimeter, the number will be recorded to the nearest 0.01m below the distance.

How many players are involved in the sport at a time during the game?

There are about eight or more competitors at a time in the game. 

What is the length of the game?

The laps of a game of track and field is roughly ½ mile or 2 laps around the track.

How does scoring occur during the game?

There is two types of scoring 1 is Dual or tri meets: Two or three teams compete head-to-head. 2 is Championship meets: Usually conferences or national meets, individual and team champions are determined.


What is the field dimensions of play for the sport?

The field is a oval shape.

What is the basic strategy (tactics) of the game?

The point is to come in ether 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

What are the major penalties/fouls of the game?

If you get a false start is a movement by a participant before (or in some cases after) being signaled or otherwise permitted by the rules to start.

What type of equipment is used for the sport?

You wear shorts and tank tops with school colors.

What types of leagues exist for the sport (professional, amateur, cup games, international competition, Olympic Games etc.)?

The league it exists in is the Olympic Games.

How has the sport changed since its origination (from earlier years to now – changes in rules, field size, equipment etc.)?

One thing that has changed is that there is a woman track and field.


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Track and Field

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