Bunkr Is The PowerPoint Killer We’ve All Been Waiting For



Who create Bunkr?

Edouard Petit CEO of Bunkr he born on January 1, 1990.After 2 years in an advertising agency, Publicis Conseil, as Digital Strategic Planner, Edouard decided with Alexis Jamet and Jean-Christophe Fossati to launch their project Bunkr. Edouard is also involved in social media strategies to the EFAP and Pôle Paris schools. Bunkr is the new PowerPoint Killer! With Bunkr the founders want to go beyond the presentation medium because they believe that after 25 years of loyal service Powerpoint is no longer suited to our purposes. With this new application, they want to enable professionals to save time in creating their presentations. 3 months after the launch Bunkr has over 7000 users (more than 200 paid) in more than 100 countries.


Advantageds:Bunkr is different of other presentation apps

Bunkr is more easier than another presentations apps

If you have a doubt you can ask to Edouard Petit (or if you're lucky you talked with bots)


They are in beta,so you can't make all the things that you can make in the app on the future

They dont are so popular like other apps 

that are the only contras that we found of Bunkr because we think that is a good app to present

What you can do in Bunkr?


I think that Bunkr is a good app more good than powerpoint and other apps,but the only think that they need is that the people know them

Thanks for listening

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