Making an IMPACT

Human Environment Impact

Exon Valdez Oil Spill 1989

The Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 was very devastating.  Before the Deepwater Horizion Spill it was the largest oil spill in U.S coastal waters. This is important because it impacted the environment significantly because it polluted and killed large amounts of wildlife.  One of the things it ruined was the water, before there was little pollution, but after the pollution was immense.  It also killed large amounts of wildlife because of the poisoned  resources but what survived migrated to escape the massive amounts of catastrophic destruction and pollution. This is one example of how humans impact the environment

Air Pollution in Mexico

Humans have a massive impact on Mexico City.  It is affecting many things that have to do with air quality and pollution.  It affects the environment because of all the pollution it impacts the environment significantly due to the large amount of pollution from cars. This is another example of how humans impact the envioment.


Chernobyl had a massive impact on the environment and continues to still have a impact today.  It was a nuclear power plant devoted to developing "clean"  energy.   It happened when reactor number four broke and a fire broke out.  Humans impacted this area by contaminating this area with nuclear waste and has caused nuclear fallout in many places in Europe.  This is how humans have had a impact on the environment.

Environment impact

Huricane Mathew 

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew had a tremendous impact on humans and made us to change procedures that deal with national disasters. The way it impacted humans was it caused massive amounts of damage, deaths and changed the way we think of things.


The climate is one way the environment impacts humans.  It can change the way they live the way they travel,and many other things.  A good example would be the tundra.

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