finally , on  may 28,hillary and  tenzing got  their chance to try for the summit. Ran into the som difficulties , including a 40 foot rock wall that is today called 'hillary'  step but  they made it to the top .they were the first to climb to the top of the world 

Edmund Hillary was born in July 20 1919, he became intersted in climbing when  he was 16 Years old and climbing mountain in the coming years ,

scaling many  moutain

in 1958 Hillary took an expedition to the South Pole .his group  was the third  to   ever reach  the  South Pole. over land and  the first  to do  it  using motor vehicles

once  they got to the  final camp , there were two teams  chosen to   climb      the   last stage to the  summit . one team was Edmund Hillary  and  tenzing

Norgay.the other team was tom bordillon and charles  evans  .the team of bordillon and evans.tried first ,but they faild to make  it  to the top . they got  within 300 feet ,but had to turn back

he was a navigator  with the new zeland Royal air force during WWĪĪ  HE was knighted by Queen  Elizabeth

īī after reaching  the top  of everest.


in 1953 the british had rece

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