Figure Skating 


Figure Skating is a sport where men and women compete in singles or in pares. This sport is in technique.

There can be 1 to many people at one time during the sport.


To score contestants they look at how well they perform tricks. They look at skating skills, transitions, performance, choreography, and interpretation.  


When you are figure skating you want to get your routine a exact as you can.    


A major penalty would be falling. Falling can drop your score a lot. Also doing a move wrong can be a penalty to you routine.  


The routine can go as long a the song the skater has picked for her/his solo.

The size of the ice rink for figure skating is the same size as a hockey arena. Which is 200ft x 85ft. 


Figure skating originated in Europe around the 19th century    

Figure skating at first had just a couple of moves. Now they have many moves and techniques for the sport. 

The equipment they use is special skates. They also wear outfits that makes it easier to move.  


There are leagues for children to learn how to skate. They also have professional skaters. Also figure skating is a big part of the winter Olympic Games.  

The sport originated in Europe(Romania) the 19th century    


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