Metadata Quality:

                                     ----- What is it?

                                     ----- Why is it important?

                                     ----- Examples of metadata quality

Fitness for Purpose

"Quality metadata is accurate, consistent and sufficient"

J. Greenberg and D.W. Robertson

Supporting quality metadata: an essential role for LIS professionals.

Key Elements of Good Quality Metadata

1.Trusted Process

2. Findable

3. Human and Machine Readable

4. Standardized

5. Meaningful to Users

6. Clear on Re-Use

7. Visible

Metadata quality is important because, without it, digitised objects are unfindable and therefore useless to either the contributing institution or its audiences.

Quality metadata should have relevant, human-readable fields, or be structured in a way that makes logical sense to a human being (in the case of hierarchical structured datasets).




Margaritopoulos, T., Margaritopoulos, M., Mavridis, I., & Manitsaris, A. (2008). A conceptual framework for metadata quality assessment. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, Berlin, Germany, 2008

R. John Robertson, (2005) "Metadata quality: implications for library and information science professionals", Library Review , Vol. 54 Iss: 5, pp.295 - 300

Report and Recommendations from the Task Force on Metadata Quality

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Metadata Quality

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