What Are The True Effects Of Going To Mars 

Astronauts are affected physically and mentally when they stay in space that long to go to Mars 

Physically Affected

  1. There is no gravity and because of that they can suffer bone loss and shrinking muscle fibers leaving the person less coordinated
  2. They will have less cardiac function which could jeopardise their health
  3. When they are in a no gravity zone for so long and then enter into a gravity zone can affect the sensometer
  4. The sensometer is what allows you to drive a car  and basically all your functional movements
  1. When going into Mars they may have an impact with radiation and we're not sure how to treat it.
  2. They also can have depressed cells in long space so they have to exercise at least 2 hours a day

Mentally affected

How would you feel if you could never return to earth? 

What if you could never see your family again?

  1. You can suffer from things like anxiety disorder 
  2. The longer astronauts are in space, the more likely they might come down with some psychiatric or behavioral condition may occur
  3. The astronauts have to learn how to work as a team and trust each other
  4. There have been no emergency cases yet up in space though  
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Going to Mars

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