Figure Skating,Norway

Where did the sport originate and what year?

Figure skating originated in 1891 and in Hamburg Germany


How is the sport played?-general rules of the sport

There are not any rules for the sport of Figure Skating. It is played by skating on ice and having fun.


How many players are involved in the sport at a time during the game?

Figure Skating does not require a game it requires a performance when you perform on ice in front of people. At a time people can be doing a solo or duet. A duet is when 2 people perform together and a solo is where 1 person performs by themselves.

Length of Game

What is the length of the game?

It depends on how much time you need to perform the show for your audience.


How does scoring occur during the game?

You can’t score in figure skating.

Field Dimensions

What is the field dimensions of play for the sport?

Figure skating requires ice you cannot figure skate on grass.

Game strategy

What is the basic strategy of the game?

The basic strategy of the game is to do really amazing stunts on ice without getting hurt.


What are major penalties/fouls of the game?

When you get into a fight or hurt somebody.


What type of equipment is used for the sport?

Equipment used in this sport is


Costume(for when you are performing a show)

You don’t always need a costume for when you figure skate you only need it for performing a show for figure skating.


What types of leagues exist for the sport?

The Olympic Games are a league for Figure Skating.

Sport changing

How has the sport changed since its origination?

The sport has changed greatly. In the 14th century figure skating was invented in Hamburg, Germany. Back in the 14th century there were no figure skates to skate on the ice with. Children used bones and tied them onto their feet and used a worn out stick to glide them across the ice. 

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