William Glasser

By: Sam Ofstad and Kelly Jachymowski


  • Born: May 11, 1925
  • Died: August 23, 2013
  • Earned his BS in chemical engineering at Case Western Reserve University in 1945
  • Completed his medical internship and psychiatric residency at UCLA in 1961
  • Wrote 19 books

Contributions to Discipline

Two Main Focuses:

  • To provide a classroom environment and curriculum which motivates students and reduce inappropriate behavior by meeting students' basic needs:
    • To survive and reproduce
    • To belong and love
    • To gain power
    • To be free
    • To have fun

Contributions to Discipline Continued

Second main focus:

  • Helping students make appropriate behavioral choices that lead ultimately to personal success

How to use this Model in Your Classroom

  • Stress student responsibility
  • Enforce rules
  • Accept no excuses
  • Give students alternative suggestions
  • Have reasonable consequences
  • Be consistent

Positive and Negatives of the Model

  • Students are in control of their own behavior
    • Good choices=good behaviors
    • Bad choices=bad behaviors
  • Allows teachers to trust students
  • Builds relationships

Mini Lesson


    Teachers need to have consistent classroom rules
    • Students are given the responsibility to control their behavior
    • Good choices produces good behaviors
    • Reasonable consequences should always follow both good/bad behavior
    • Builds trust between the teacher and the student

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William Glasser

by jachymowskik76


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