Sewing Machine Needle Case

Supply List:

Outer fabric – cut one 9" x 6"

Lining fabric – cut one 9" x 6"

Warm and Natural batting – cut one 9" x 6"

Felt – cut eight 6 1/4" x 4 3/4" rectangles

Ribbon to match outer fabric – 24"’ (cut in half)

Tear away stabilizer

Sewing thread to match outer and lining fabric

Sewing thread to match felt

30 or 40 wt decorative thread for lettering on felt

Embroidery needle for decorative thread lettering

90 sewing machine needle

heavy sharp needle for sewing through multiple heavy layers

Exterior of Case

Lay the batting down.

Lay outer fabric, right side up, on top.

Lay piece of ribbon at the center top and bottom. Make sure the ribbon is laying inside and centered at the narrow ends of the rectangle.

Lay the lining fabric right side down on top of this. 

Sew all around with a 1/2” seam using sewing thread and regular sewing needle, leaving an opening for turning. 

Sew again on ribbon in seam, for extra strength.

Trim seam allowance and crop corners, leaving the opening a the original seam 1/2" seam allowance.

Turn inside out.


Top stitch around exterior about 1/8” in.

Making the Pages

Think about how many different sewing machine needles you have to determine how many felt “pages” you will need to create.

Each felt sheet will hold 2 different types of needles.

For example, if you have 4 different types of needles you will need 2 of the felt sheets. If you have 16 different types of needles you will need 8 felt “pages.

Examples of Needles











Twin/ Triple





Customizing the Pages

Draw a line in the center of page with removeable marker. 

Program your machine to "write" the name of the needle and the sizes you will want to save. Change to your embroidery thread and embroidery needle.

You will sew this each half of the page, using Tear Away Stabilizer under the felt.

Here, I am choosing to orientate to top at each end. You may choose another way, but be consistent.

When you have 2 felt sheets completed, layer them wrong sides together.

Sew a 1/4" edge stitch (straight, skinny zig-zag, etc.) all around the outsides. 

Trim close to stitch.

Putting the book together

When all pages have been customized and sewn together in twos, it is time to organize the pages in the order that you want to see them in your book.

Lay all pages on top of each other.

Lay this group centered on the inside of exterior cover.

Sew down center of spine of book using regular sewing thread and a sharp heavy needle.

** Note: Some machines may have a hard time sewing through 4 double pages and the cover. In that case you can hand sew or hand crank the machine.

The End

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Needle Case

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