Digital Footprint: Storage and Computation Convergence

With the location services, iPhone users can easily identify previously visited places and use the trace to identify areas of proximity. The accessibility to location services would prove useful for someone who often lose destination addresses or have horrible geographical memory and require an address in order to reach to their destination. Something to reflect about revolving iPhone digital footprints is the vulnerability and exposure to a user's physical location, a new kind of cyberstalking which can expose their real-life whereabouts, if they left their GPS or Wi-Fi on for an extensive amount of time. Guess you got to be careful how you're using/sharing those location services! Don't want to be kidnapped or abducted! Additionally, iPhone users can store information for later usage through the utilization of video recorder and camera. With the recent shootings of Black victims around the nation, people can actively respond by recording the actual footage of the shooting (at your own risk) while it is happening so that physical evidence is transparent for justice to be served righteously.

Timeless Time: Storage & Communication Convergence

With time flexibility allowing for information processing to occur asynchronously and synchronously, iPhone users can text someone in real time (synchronous) or at an indefinite delay(asynchronous). Although time flexibility has its advantages, drawbacks associated with the lack of instantaneous response is the sense of unreliability and laziness when someone is needed to perform an urgent task and the recipient merely overlooks the messages.

On a professional level, timeless time also shifts modern day management, where it allows for managers to work over their "normal working hours" and further their organization with the availability of easily downloadable apps. Managers can easily respond to job progress by replying to emails during their driving time (which is UNSAFE). It seems that the concept of timeless time has blurred the boundaries of work and relaxation, and ultimately transform the mentality of how employers desire to accomplish specific tasks.

We know work is important, but lives matter more. Don't text and drive!  

Poly-Directionality: Combining Traditional Communication into a Single Platform

With the iPhone, users can fulfill communication needs with a single audience member (1 to 1; many to 1) or in a group setting (1 to many; many to many), or using a combination of both through the use of iMessage or other communication mediums. Owning an iPhone myself, I would sometimes text a single person, and immediately afterwards scroll down to the group below it and respond back to them, then locate the GroupMe app on my iPhone to reply back those who do not own the iPhone. In addition to combining traditional communication through the use of various messenger applications, users can also display polydirectionality through responding to comments and posts on discussion forums like Piazza (oh look we do that now if you are signed up) (many : many), request or receive feedback from either an individual person or a group (1:1 or 1: many), or choosing to share or spread a video online to promote awareness on a specific event/ issue to a community (1:many or many: many).

Be aware that talking to too many people or groups at once can be quite distractive and cause a delay in completing tasks that need to be prioritized, so reply to people and groups at your own discretion without risking your time-management! 

Network Externalities: Exclusive features in the iPhone

The inherent values of the iPhone have helped the product retain its popularity and dominance in the smartphone market and stay ahead of its competitor, Samsung. Some advantages of the iPhone including long battery life and high quality camera are necessary for the Apple to benefit from its network externalities. Two positive network externalities inherent in the iPhone are Facetime and Short Message Service (SMS). Facetime allows iPhone users to perform video chats by simply dialing a phone number, similar to making a regular phone call but also incorporating the face-to-face contact into its operations. SMS services are useful for iPhone users to send messages and photos to non-iPhone users and iOS devices. iPhone users would be provided an additional option in communicating with other smartphone users, a service exclusive to the iPhone. Both featured services which are useful and convenient can undoubtedly attract other smartphone users to select the iPhone against all other available smartphones, and ultimately increase the value of the iPhone in the market.


Hopefully the iPhone won't drive you too innovatively crazy.

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