What does it do?

Provides history of feedback interaction

Intutive integration with Classroom

Allows for Voice and Text Comments
Creates reusable Lessons (tutorial) 

Describes and rates Skills (rubric)

Google Classroom

  • Sync with G-Classroom
  • Imports most recent files from Classroom (or older)
  • Sets up a group for each of your classes and will import all your students for each class
  • Any Kaizena-supported files that your students submit for an assignment on Google Classroom will automatically appear on Kaizena for your review
  • Students see your feedback on Kaizena.com (they receive an email notification with a link to the conversation)
  • Teachers can share lessons (don't reinvent the wheel)

Teachers use left-hand navigation bar to create:

  • Groups  (classes)
  • Lessons (recurring tutorials)
  • Skills (rubric measurement and explanation)

 Broadcast allows teachers to send a copy of a file or comment (a voice comment, a text comment, or a lesson) to each private conversation in the group.

 Each student can reply to the file or comment in their private conversation with their teacher, so their responses stay private. 

For example, a teacher could broadcast a file with a paragraph or questions written in the foreign language, and the students could make audio comments on the file of them reading text or responding to questions. Their responses will be automatically saved, so teachers can listen and evaluate the students' speaking skills at their own time. 

 If the teacher wants to test their students' ability to understand spoken language, the teacher could broadcast an audio comment. The students can respond to the comment by clicking "reply" at the bottom right of the comment:


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