Science of Hockey

What is the sport of hockey?

The sport of hockey is Played by two teams. Each team has 3 forwards 2 Defencmen and 1 goalie on the ice. They play with full body equipment and a stick. The goal of the game is to get a black rubber puck into the opposing Net. The team with the most goals win. 

History of hockey

Though the origin of hockey is unknown. The first ever game played was in Montreal on  March 3rd, 1875. The game was played by two nine player teams consisting of McGill University Students. The first ever NHL game was Played on November 26th 1917 Against the Montreal Canadians and the Ottawa senators.   

Science Of The stick

The stick has been the used from the start of the Hockey and has became the most Important piece of Equipment.

 The Newer sticks are made of fiber glass or carbon fiber. Why these materials? Because Fiber glass isn't heavy or strong. hockey Players like light stick so they can skate faster and get a better feel for the puck. also hockey players don"t want strong sticks so they can flex them, The flex that the stick makes give the puck momentum and speed. 

Players also have different preferences of there blade, the shape of the blade changes how you pass and shoot for example the longer the blade is the more curved you will get a higher shot.

History Of The Equipment

The first players were equipped with only pants, stick, gloves and skates. Now hockey players have to at least use 10 diffrent equipment. In the old days most of the equipment would be made out of leather and cotton for protection, now the gear is made out of plastic, sewing, velcro, mesh  even some have a bit of kevlar. The newer equipment also have new technologies for example 3.75 technology is when the pads absorbe sweat but keep the gear dry or when you get body checked you will bounce back

Science of the skate

The skate is hockeys most important piece of equipment so it should be built to perform for the players satisfaction. 

1.The blade. Skate blades are thin pieces of steel that cut into the ice to give grip and speed to the player. The skate is cut into an arc shape to give to player the control he or she wants on the ice.

2.The Boot. The skate boot protects your feet. The Higher level of hockey you get players shots become harder and harder. Its usually made of Hard plastics that are lightweight so the player has less drag when skating

Hockey Players 

This year is the NHL's 100 year. Through these years there have been so many players who changed the influence of the game and how people think. 

1.Wayne Gretzky, Wayne had a massive impact not only in the NHL but the whole Hockey community around the world. He set The Untouchable record of  most points and Goals. His Number 99 Has been retired and no other player in the NHL will ever wear it again.

2.Gordie Howe, Gordie howe aka "Mr. Hockey" was almost a runner up on all of Wayne Gretzky's records. He was named the best NHL player before Gretzky. Gordie was a inspiration for a lot of players and still is. Now on February 20 the day he passed away is not recognized as "Gordie Howe Day".

3.Sidney Crosby, Sidney in my opinion is the most skilled and talented Player In the NHL. With Two Stanley cup victories and Two Gold medals in the Olympics he is known worldwide. Sid has just been introduced to the hockey hall of fame this year 

The Puck

The Pucks is a 1X3 Inch Rubber Puck that the players use the score with. The puck is small and Durable for the player to control and shoot with. Pucks are sometime chilled becuase it give more control with passing and shooting, players say that when the friction between the ice and puck its bounces and flips more. When a player strikes the puck with he or she's stick the energy from there weights transfers through the body into the stick and hits the puck witch gives it the speed and momentum to score. 

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