Hill's Pets Nutrition + LAM Specials.

1. Hills Pet Food is a healthy food for pets. Medically approved and Recommended by Vets Worldwide.

2. We are focused on small & miniature dogs. 

First solution — Chatbot


We create an additional webpage on the-village.ru domain (hillspetfood.the-village.ru for example) with Chatbot and graphical support.


Chatbot of a Corgi dog will interactively provide essential information about health and proper nutrition of miniature dogs. At the beginning we can choose which dog will talk with us to get most information about this breed. This generates experience of chatting to your own dog. Usage scenario: we ask questions and decide fulness of the answers that we want to read.

Some jokes inside, right? Later on we are giving detailed information about "Science Plan" food and encourage sharing to fellow dog lovers.

Second solution — Mr. Holmes! Puzzle.

Puzzle for every dog owner

Many dogs diseases are based on lack of good nutrition, vitamins or microelements. We want people to guess it out the reverse way. We name dogs flaw, habits or disease and give four answers of diet or vitamins that might help in this situation.

Every question is accompanied by helpful summary and beautiful 2d animation.

We should present it as raising-literacy interaction for every dog owner.

And explain that Hill's Pets Nutritions is helping all people to care of their pets with this game.

Third Solution — Articles

What if Human will eat only meat and water for 3 years?

What if dog? Heavy infographics based article that compare effects of improper diet for dog and human. Can dogs eat human food? Is there vital things for us that are deadly for dogs? Vets should help us with this one.

Summer FAQ for dog owners (from Vets)

What if your dog feels really hot? 

Should you allow dog to swim in the city lake?

Does your puppy need a barber?

Fourth Solution — Banners

Corgi dog and Tyrion Lannister. 

"Small size doesn't mean they are not great".


"Small size doesn't mean we shouldn't care about their health".


"Which one likes wine?"

"My dog could have arthritis?"


"Is my dog... Okay?"


"Can you give dog food from the kitchen's table?"

Fifth Solution — Raising Champion (Game)

Do you have a dog? Because if you do Village and HPN might help you raise a champion. We all love (little) dogs, but sometimes things are tough for them. Early on you need a lot of right choices in life to be happy later. Could your dog always be crazy active, playful, ready to fight criminals and conquer the Everest mountain?

This game is based on text choices. If your answer is correct, then you can pass on. If not, we will explain you what is right answer in this situation. It starts from the birth and goes on.

Little Corgi is playing in the street... And looks like he wants to eat a metal can. Should he?

Sixth Solution — Lectures.

In the end of every activity viewer gets personal invitation for series of lectures in DI Telegraph by HPN approved specialist. 

With option to share it in social networks.

There are only two.

1 — Proper Nutrition for Dogs. Science based (1 july).

2 — Right habits for your dog. Vets explaining (1 august).

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