The Characteristics of Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Gaming and Media Richness Selection

Media Richness Selection refers to how a user of technology has various degrees of richness in how their media in technology can handle multiple cues at the same time, facilitate quick feedback, establish direct personal focus and use familiar language.

X-box Live allows users to create a profile with an avatar of themselves in which they can choose to interact with other users via text message, web-cam or voice communication in real time. Message boards are much like Facebook and other social media updates.

Example of "Over-kill" of Media Richness

An over-kill in media richness is a form of communication of a very direct, quick and candid response.   For example, sending voice-calls to curse, threaten and brag to another gamer about winning a match would be "over-kill" and an ineffective way to communicate what is going on in the game.

Exposure Selection

Exposure Selection is the amount of information voluntarily given by the user about themselves. In most games, the degree of anonymity can be quite high. There are no real requirements of legal names. Although legal birthdays are required when the game is age-restricted, it cannot be thoroughly enforced.

An issue with privacy and online games is the potential to be hacked. Cyber-hackers can steal email and password codes and steal account information.

Economics of Sale

There are methodical ways to create games since technology and data writing have become cheaper and effective, including using entirely virtual software. Games are one of the highest demands in technology today, in which gamers spend $50+ on console games. This allows costs of production to go down as sales go up in the gaming industry.

Can Gaming help Solve World Issues?

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