Drone Delivery

The Future of Drone Delivery


-More efficient delivery

-Less gas used

-Jobs created because of pilots needed to fly the drones

-Possible better delivery quality

-Create money for the economy

-Can deliver almost everywhere


-May malfunction midflight

-Package may be dropped in the wrong place

-Drone may crash

-May run out of batteries

-Propellers may break

-Drones will require constant checkups and repairs

-Will cost a lot of money

-Drones may be stolen

-People may shoot down drones and loot the cargo 


Who: Flirtey, a newly formed company dedicated to developing drones

What: Flirtey demos world’s first drone delivery tech in U.S.

When: July 17th, 2015

Where: Lonesome Pine Airport in Wise, Virginia

Why: To make delivery packages easier and to make an advancement in technology

How: By taking time to develop a working automated drone and using a predetermined route for the Drone to fly into a rural area 

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Drone Project

by 114ading


Public - 4/4/16, 8:58 PM