Facebook and it's Digitization Effects

Digital Footprint - Joining Made Easy

Facebook is one of the world's largest social media platforms that allow it's members to create an account and then begin to "add" others as "friends" in order to connect with each other. Once added, friends can exchange messages (both publicly and privately), upload content to share, and stay up to date with their friends. 

Because people can be searched and found through Facebook, creating a profile effectively creates a Digital Footprint where anyone may be found with the right amount of search terms.  

Timeless Time - Staying up to Date

One of Facebook's pillar features, "News Feed," allows it's users to see what their friends have posted publicly, from pictures or videos to birthday or wedding updates. Although listed chronologically, any user can even search for or farther review different profiles. 

This feature is an example of Timeless Time; the ability to negate sequence through synchronous and asynchronous information processing. People quickly review what their friends had currently been up to, and if anything interests them they're allowed to click and follow an event regardless of how late they are to the post.  

Death of Distance - Facebook's Explosive Social Reach

By allowing their users to instant message with any other member, regardless of their geographical location, Facebook exemplifies the Death of Distance characteristic. Before, distance was a large barrier in terms of trying to communicate with others. Postal mail would take ages, with no real certainty that the other party received your message! Thanks to Facebook's messaging system, people can easily communicate with one another as if they were in the same room together. 

But it's not all sunshine 

Although Facebook offers such amazing connectivity for it's users, users should be warned that the data they upload could be vulnerable as hackers spend hours daily trying to figure out new ways to hack onto people's accounts. 

While creating this presentation, I came across this video that shows how easily someone could gain access to another person's account through the use of some code. 

Facebook's digitization characteristics make it a very valuable resource, and as such we should remain vigilant in staying secure so that we may farther benefit form this resource without consequences. 

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