Who i admire?

By: Tevin Harris

Who are they?

I admire a few people in life, but one individual that really sticks out in my life is my mother, Tiffany K. Harris. My mom was born to Shirley H. Harris on October 2nd, 1976. She was raised in her hometown of Akron, Ohio. When she was only 10 years old she moved to Waco, Tx. At the age of 16 she had graduated and was on to better things in life. Today she is a mother (and father) to her 4 children: Kevin, Tevin(me), Trinity and Destiny.

Why do i admire them?

There are many reasons why i admire my mom so lets name a few. Not only is she the strongest woman i know, but she has been raising me and my siblings our whole life by herself. She has taught me that nothing in life is handed to you, so if you want something you better work your butt off until you get it. She motivated me to never give up because you never know who has it worse than you do. To never complain and always be grateful for everything you have in life no matter how bad life gets. We may not be the richest family but she has always found a way to provide for me endlessly. She struggled so we never had to. She has done so much, i can't even begin to thank her for everything.

Attributes of the Person

Many attributes my mom posses are:






My relationship to this Person

My relationship to this person is easy, she's my Mom! Not only that but my friend. She has always been there when i needed someone to talk to or someone to go to for advice. She had to play both the role of Mom and Dad for my siblings and I for way too long. I would say she did a darn good job at it too.

Interesting Facts

Some cool things about my Mom are:

-She was a twin (lost in the stomach)

-Graduated at 16

-Used to drive 18 Wheelers

-Worked her way up to manager by herself

-Makes some bomb spaghetti

What they have done for me?

If i could describe my mom to people in one word it would be, independent. My mom has never depended on anyone for anything. She has always done things by herself and still to this day doesn't "need a man". She has taught me to be just as independent as her and to see if you want something YOU have to work for it. You can't count on anyone else but yourself at the end of the day. She has done more for me than i can put in words on this powerpoint slide. Just know she is an amazing woman and i have the best mom in the world. 

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